Tips to Boost Macbook Speed

Tips to Boost Macbook Speed

Tips to Boost Macbook Speed

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A new Macbook runs without any faults for a while, but if you are using it a lot, the computer will slow down sooner or later. When that happens, some people start to consider buying a replacement.

Sure, spending money is an option, but there are better ways to get your Macbook back on track. If you are still relatively new to the macOS, here are some great tips that will help boost the performance of the Macbook and stop you from spending money on a new model.

Tip #1 – Create More Disk Space

Lack of disk space is one of the biggest issues behind a drop in a Macbook’s performance. The disks do not have as much space as they do on a PC, for example, and those who made a switch may find that it is impossible to fit as many files as they had hoped. Some methods to create more disk space on a Macbook would be:

  • To make use of Dropbox or iCloud and transfer some of your files there.
  • To get rid of useless and temporary files like caches, language packs, and backups.
  • To delete old media files like movies, music, and use streaming services like Netflix or Spotify.
  • To uninstall on mac applications that you have not used for a while. You can always download and reinstall them in case there is a need to use an application again.

Tip #2 – Declutter Desktop

Some users choose to clutter their desktops with icons to a point where there is no longer any space left on it. Not only does this make for a messy desktop, but it also reduces the efficiency of a Macbook.

Try to get out of the habit of having all your files on a desktop. Every icon is rendered each time you switch between the desktop and another window. It consumes resources. So instead of an overburdened desktop, organize files in an orderly fashion, put them in relevant folders, and move the folders to another location. 

Tip #3 – Turn off Visuals

Tips to Boost Macbook Speed

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Visuals might seem like a neat feature, but they offer no real value. Pragmatic people already have them turned off, and you should as well, especially if the Macbook is underperforming.

Go to the Dock and untick boxes next to these settings – “Automatically hide and show the Dock” as well as “Animate opening applications.” 

Tip #4 – Check Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor tool is excellent when you want to find out which processes are consuming the most energy. Launch the Activity Monitor and sort applications by memory or CPU usage. The ones at the top should be the biggest concern.

If it becomes clear that an app or two are consuming more than they really should, you ought to look for alternatives or get rid of them period. 

Tip #5 – Optimize Internet Browser

Tips to Boost Macbook Speed

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There are a few available options for an internet browser. Some people like to stick to Safari, others like Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. It all comes down to personal preference.

Nevertheless, for those who are looking to optimize their Macbook and boost performance, an internet browser also plays a role. Some do not consume as many resources, especially when certain users like to install various extensions and add-ons.

If you notice that your internet surfing experience is not that great, it might be the browser and not the computer, which is at fault. 

Tip #6 – Clear Startup Items

Remove applications from the startup menu and save yourself some time as well as nerves. It is a bother having to wait for random apps to load every time you boot the computer. 

Go to System Preferences, select Users and Groups, and log in your profile. There will be a list of startup items. Remove the ones you do not really need and save the changes. The next time you boot or restart the computer, it will not take that long for it to load.

Tip #7 – Clean Dirt and Dust

Dust and dirt accumulate over time, and if you are negligent, the problem may get out of hand. In some cases, all the dirt inside may cause damage to the internal hardware. 

When you hear a weird sound or notice that the computer is overheating, there may be too much dust inside. Cleaning all that junk inside should be one of the priorities. And if you are afraid of damaging something inside, take the Macbook to a professional cleaner.

Tip #8 – Preserve Battery Life

Tips to Boost Macbook Speed

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If the battery is on its last legs, it may be impossible to use a Macbook. You should look to preserve battery life and ensure that it is not the leading cause behind the sudden drop in how your computer is not performing as great as it did at first.

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