Top 10 List of Science Magazines

There is some list of science magazines that in the world that their main topics are based on scientific discoveries, an event of the past and current occurrences that are going on. Most of these science magazines have stood the test of time since they came into existence and they have been able to get people informed about what’s going on. Let’s take a look at the list of science magazines.

Top 10 List of Science Magazines

10 list of Science Magazines

The following is the top ten lists of science magazines that we have:
1. List of Science Magazines: National Geographic
This magazine was initially called National Geographic Magazine before the name was changed to NAT GEO. This magazine covers areas such as history, science, and geography. It is being published every month. In the year 2015, the magazine was circulated globally in more than 40 indigenous languages. In every month, about 6.5 million copies are being published. It was founded on September 22, 1888, and the headquarter is in Washington USA.

2. List of Science Magazines: Psychology Today
This is one of the science magazines that focus on issues based on psychology, neuroscience, sexuality, relationship, and parenting. There is an area in the magazine that has articles of various sorts of articles that are related to psychology such as sociologist, anthropologist, social workers, and psychiatrists etc. The magazine was founded in the year 1967. The headquarter is in New York, USA.

3. List of Science Magazines: Popular Mechanics
This deals with science and technology. The name ‘mechanics’ is an indication already. Popular Mechanics have about nine editions globally. The magazine covers topics such as science, automotive, and technology. The magazine was initially published by the famous popular mechanics itself. It was founded on January 11, 1902, and the headquarter is in New York, USA.

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4. List of Science Magazines: Scientific American
This magazine ‘Scientific American’ is a well-known science magazine. Most renowned scientists have written articles for them. Many reports of different innovations are being introduced inside the magazine. After the Second World War, a lot wasn’t heard about the magazine. It was later in the year 1948, that three partners that want to run a science magazine decided to buy the scientific American assets. It was founded on August 28, 1945. The headquarter is in the USA.

5. List of Science Magazines: Smithsonian
Smithsonian started with a man called Edward K. Thompson. Who was once worked with life magazine. The main of Smithsonian was to ignite curiosity in the minds of receptive people. Smithsonian was to deal with past histories and also how they are relevant to the current happenings. As a result of this, prolific writers and photographers were being employed. This Newspaper was established in April 1970.

6. List of Science Magazines: Popular Science Magazine
Popular science magazine is being produced quarterly. It carries science contents. It has won over 58 awards since it became well known. The company has made it possible for other countries to read it based on the fact that he has been translated into over 30 languages and circulated to over 45 countries. It became a possible writing for popular scientists such as Thomas Edison, Charles Sanders Peirce, Thomas Edison and John Dewey. It was founded on May 18, 1872. Their headquarter is based in Iowa, USA.

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7. List of Science Magazines: Discover
Science Magazine covers general science topic. The magazine came into existence through the exertion of Time magazine. There was always a geometrical sale each time the cover is related to science. One of the objectives of Discover was to educate people that have no idea about science. It was established in the year 1980. The headquarter of discover is in Wisconsin, USA.

8. List of Science Magazines: Sky & Telescope Magazine
The name of the magazine has made it so clear that it deals with astronomy, space exploration, astronomical equipment, and astrophotography. The articles here cover cosmology and other celestial bodies. Sky helps in disseminating information about how to make a telescope and other astronomic tools. It was founded in the year 1941. The headquarter is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

9. List of Science Magazines: Archaeology Magazine
Archeology magazine was produced every two months for the public readers. They also published another magazine that was titled American Journal of Archaeology. A man called Claudia Valentino happens to be the chief editor. It was founded in 1948 and the headquarter is in Long Island City, USA.

10. List of Science Magazines: Ideas & Discoveries                                                                                                       Ideas and discoveries have a huge interest in social science. It is always available in newsstands and it is being published every two months. The magazine is well structured after “Welt der Wunder” a German magazine. It offers a balanced and a wide range of nature, psychology, science, history and current events with amazing photos. It was established in the year December 10, 2010, with the headquarter in New Jersey, USA.