What You Must Know About Android Device Manager

Android operating system provides its users with a number of multiple features in just one single device. In every new version of Android something new is introduced in the market. And Google which is its provider also introduces the remarkable Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager is a superb feature offered by Google to help Android owners:

1) Wipe out all the data on Android device.

2) Reset lock screen password.

3) Tracking down the location of Android device with the Google account used for managing the device.

4) Ringing Android device irrespective of its location.

How to Set Up Android Device Manager:

The follow steps below can guide to set it up:

What You Must Know About Android Device Manager

  1. Setting up your Android Device Manager on the Web
  • Step 1 Turn on the location service on your Android device.
  • Step 2 Sign in your Google account associated with your Android device
  • Step 3 Your Android device will automatically appear.
  1. Set up Android Device Manager Application
  • Step 1 Download Google Android Device Manager app on your Android device’s Google play application store and install.
  • Step 2 A Welcome screen will appear
  • Step 3 Tap Accept and you will be ready to go on.

How to Use Android Device Manager

For a lost Android device, you can use Android Device Manager to do the following:

  1. Locate your device
  • Step 1 Sign into your Google account.
  • Step 2 Select an Android device in which you want to track.
  • Step 3 The location of the device will be shown on Google Maps.
  1. Ring your device

Under this model information, there are some options.  To choose Ring, it starts beating in full volume, even if the device is locked and is set to vibrate for the next 10 minutes. You can search the lost device easily with this particular option if you have put it up somewhere in your house or at your workplace.

What You Must Know About Android Device Manager

  1. Lock Android device

If you choose the Lock option, a dialogue box will ask you to reset the new password to prevent people from having access to your device. We can also use this feature to bypass any Android lock screen.

  1. Erase your personal data from the device

If you choose Erase, a new dialogue box will pop up to ask you to confirm the action of erasing all your data.

Android Device Manager Alternatives

If Android Device Manager is not what you want, there are other alternatives available for finding your lost phones.

Find My Phone

This app is designed to locate your lost phone or device. It offers you with the ease of seeing your device on the Google Map by showing its current location.

Where is My Droid

This revolutionary application is considered as one of the best alternatives of Android Device Manager. You can ring your phone by turning the ringer volume to full or send a text message alert to track down your device.