Top Examination Question And Answer On Computer Science For First Year Students

Top Examination Question And Answer On Computer Science For First Year Students

A degree in computer science is essentially the study of information and computation, using a scientific and practical approach. Any type of calculation or use of computing technology is defined as computation. Computer science degrees cover the technology involved in well-defined models, like algorithms and protocols, to aid the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of and access to information. Top examination question and answer on computer science for first-year students is what we want to consider below.

1.Q: What is a PNG?
Ans: A PNG is a portable network graphics, a type of file format for storing, sending, and viewing digital images like photos.

2.Q: What is the plural of a computer mouse?
Ans: There can be two forms of the plural for ‘computer mouse’. The mice and it is equally correct to say ‘computer mouses’.

3.Q: What features are provided by most GUIs?
Ans: Features that are provided by most GUIs include: Icons, desktop, menus, windows.

4.Q: What is an object-oriented programming language?
Ans: In object-oriented programming, the computations are carried out using objects, which are components of a program that know how to perform specific actions and interact with program elements.

5.Q: What is malware?
Ans: Malware is any computer software, program, or app designed to damage or disable computers, computer systems, or people.

6.Q: What is a petabyte?
Ans: The petabyte is a very recent measure of memory storage capacity of a computing device.

7.Q: What does JPEG stand for in computer terms?
Ans: JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

8.Q: What is a gigabyte?
Ans: A gigabyte is a data storage unit. It is made up of 1,024 megabytes.

9.Q.What is org 0x0100 in assembly language?
Ans. The org command tells the program where to load itself into in memory (ram).

10.Q: Raster graphics are made up of?
Ans: A raster graphic is made up of tiny, same-sized pixels arranged in a two-dimensional grid (on an x and y-axis) made up of columns and rows.

11.Q: The S in HTTPS stands for what?
Ans: The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for secure.

12.Q.Where was Charles Babbage born?
Ans: Charles Babbage’s birthplace is not known for certain, but he was probably born in London, England at 44 Crosby Row on Walworth Road.

13.Q: The term computer literacy dates back to what decade?
Ans: The term ‘computer literacy’ dates back to the 1970’s, specifically in 1972.

14.Q: Why is engineering called the stealth profession?
Ans: Engineering is called the stealth profession because most people don’t understand what engineers really do.

15.Q: What happens to data when a buffer is used?
Ans: A buffer is basically a small chunk of memory separate from the main memory and is used to temporarily store data. So if data is stored in the buffer, then it will take relatively less time for retrieval than it would generally take had it been in the main memory and not in the buffer.