Common Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions and Answers|Download Nigerian Customs Questions Full Version

Common Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions and Answers|Download Nigerian Customs Questions Full Version

Here are few Questions and answers on the Nigerian Custom service. For full version in PDF or MS Word format,kindly purchase below;

  1. What is the official Twitter handle of the Nigerian custom service?


2.The Nigeria Customs Service statutory functions can be broadly classified into HOW MANY CATEGORIES?

ANS=> 2 main categories namely, core and other functions

3.Where is the Nigeria Customs Service Headquarter Located?

ANS=> Abidjan Street,Wuse,P.M.B. 26,Zone 3,Abuja – FCT Nigeria

4.The Core Functions of the NCS are;


  • Collection of Revenue i.e. Import and Excise Duties and Accounting for same
  • Prevention and suppression of smuggling

5. In what year was the Board of Customs & Excise set up ?


ANS=> 1 June, 1972

6.The NCS Board _____


  • Minister of Finance (Chairman)
  • The Comptroller General of Customs (Vice Chairman)
  • A representative from Fed. Min. of Commerce
  • A representative of Ministry of Transport
  • A representative of Ministry of Industries
  • A representative of Ministry of Finance
  • A representative of National Universities Commission
  • Chairman Federal Inland Revenue Board
  • Serving DCGs of Customs
  • The Legal Adviser of NCS
  • Secretary to the Board (Secretary)

7. The Nigeria Customs Service is headed  —–?

ANS=> Comptroller-General

8.What are the core Departments of the NCS?


  • Finance Administration and Technical Service
  • Tariff & Trade
  • Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection
  • Strategic Research & Policy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Excise, FTZ and Industrial Incentives

9.Who is the current Comptroller General of the Nigerian Custom service?

ANS=> Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali 

10. Who was the first Director of the Department of Customs and Excise Service?

ANS=> Alhaji Shehu A. Musa, and was appointed on 28th August, 1975

11. List 5 Items Banned from Importation by the Nigerian Custom Service?


  • Live or Dead Birds including Frozen Poultry
  • Pork, Beef
  • Spaghetti/ Noodles
  • Bagged Cement
  • Waste Pharmaceuticals
  • Refined Vegetable Oils and Fats

12.List of Items that are on the Prohibition list of Nigerian Custom service?


  1. Maize
  2. Timber (rough or sawn)
  3. Raw hides and skin (including Wet Blue and all unfinished leather) HS Codes 4101.2000.00 – 4108.9200.00
  4. Scrap Metals
  5. Unprocessed rubber latex and rubber lumps
  6. Artifacts and Antiquities
  7. Wildlife animals classified as endangered species and their products (e.g. Crocodile, Elephant, Lizard, Eagle, Monkey, Zebra, Lion etc.)
  8. All goods imported

The Nigerian Custom service is the largest agency in Nigeria. What is now known as the Nigeria Customs Service is a paramilitary organisation, was established a little a century ago when the British Colonial administration appointed Mr. T. A. Wall, in 1891, as the Director-General of Customs for the collection of inland Revenue in Niger Coast Protectorate.

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Nigeria Customs Service is a reference and model administration with excellence in providing effective and efficient service to accomplish all dimensions of its mission. We have compiled some questions on the NCS, study them and get prepared for the Nigerian custom service recruitment.

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Question 1: Nigeria’s current president

Answer: Muhammadu Buhari

Question 2: Current vice president

Answer: Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

Question 6: Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?

Answer: Herbert Macaulay

Question 7: What was the first political party in Nigeria?

Answer: Nigerian National Democratic party (NNDP)

Question 8: What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

Answer: Strength

Question 9: What do the two horses on the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

Answer: Dignity

Question 10: What was the black shield in the Nigerian coat of arm stand for?

Answer: Nigerian’s fertile soil

Question 11: What does the white colour in Nigerian flag stand for?

Answer: Peace

Question 12: What does the green colour in Nigerian flag represent?

Answer: Forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria

Question 13: Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zones?

Answer: Six (6) geopolitical zones

Question 14: What was the first capital city in Nigeria?

Answer: Calabar

Question 15: Capital of Nigeria

Answer: Abuja

Question: Who is the current Nigerian Deputy Senate president?

Answer: Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege

Question 16: What is the name of Nigerian senior national team in football (men team)?

Answer: Super Eagles

Question 17: When did Nigerian Golden eaglets win the world under-17 FIFA world cup

Answer: 1985, 1993, 2007, 2013

Question 18: Who was the first female vice chancellor in Nigerian university?

Answer: Grace Alele Williams

Question 19: Who gave Nigeria her name?

Answer: Flora Shaw

Question 20: Who designed the Nigerian flag?

Answer: Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi

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