Top 10 Best Food For Pregnant Women

Top 10 Best Food For Pregnant Women–Practically, a normal time for pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks, thats approximately  9 to 10 months. There are many factors that can affect a pregnancy.Women who receive an early pregnancy diagnosis and prenatal care are more likely to experience a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy and strong  baby.

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Top 10 Best Food For Pregnant Women

  1. EGG: In addition to more than 12 vitamins and minerals, egg contain lots of quality protein, which is essential for pregnancy especially at the early stage. The baby cells are growing at an exponential rate, and every cell is made of protein, besides as a pregnant woman, you have your own protein .

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Eggs or also rich in choline which promotes your baby overall growth and brain health, some eggs even contain omega-3 fatty acid which help in both brain & vision development. Healthy cholesterol, one can consume one to two eggs a day as part of the balanced diet low in saturated fat. But for a woman where cholesterol is  a concern problem, one can  substitute egg yolk for whole egg.

  1. FISH: not only is salmon fish rich in high-quality protein, but it’s an exceptionally good source of omega-3 fat, and may help boost occur mood. And unlike shark, mackerel files fish, salmon has low mounts of methyl mercury, a compound that can be harmful to your baby’s developing nervous system.
  2. BEANS: Beans contain the most fiber and protein of all the vegetables. In as much as protein is very good. During pregnancy, fiber is another vital food you will need once you are pregnant.  When you’re pregnant, your gastro intestinal tracts slows down putting you at risk for constipation and hemorrhoids, (pile).  Fiber can help prevent and relieve these problem.
  3. SWEET POTATOES: Sweet potatoes get then orange colour from carotenoids, plant pigments that are converted to Vitamin A in our body. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of Vitamin C, folate and fiber.
  4. POPCORN & OTHER WHOLE GRAIN: Popcorn is a whole grain ‘yes’. And whole grains are important in pregnancy because they’re high in fiber and nutrient, including Vitamin F, Selenium, and plant nutrients (plant compounds that protect cells).
  5. WALNUT: Walnut are one of the richest source of plant based omega-3 fat, Walnuts are also a good sources of protein and fiber.
  6. YOGURT: Yogurt is a good source of calcium which is vital in a pregnancy diet. If you don’t take in enough calcium, the limited amount you have will go to your baby which will them now deplete the calcium, the limited amount you have will go to your baby which will them make sure you provide everything your baby need without sacrificing your own health & nutrition. Calcium will help keep your own bone intact while laying down a healthy bones for your baby.
  7. GREEN, LEAFY VEGETABLES: Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients including acid. They’re also been found to promote eye health.
  8. LEAN MEAT: Meat is an excellent source of high quality protein,according to Dietitian Karin rosenfield of north dallas Nutrition “look for lean meat with fat trimmed off” Do you know that Beef and Pork Meat contains choline in addition to protein that is what make them stand out. Don’t eat dead meats or hot dogs though, they’re heated until steaming hot, there’s a small risk of passing bacteria and parasites such as listeria, toxoplasma salmonella from the meat to your baby.  According to  Mayo clinic obstetrician Mary Massachusetts
  9. COLORFUL FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Eating plenty of green, red, orange, yellow purple and white fruits & vegetable ensures that you and your baby get a variety of nutrients. During the later stages of pregnancy, the baby get a variety of nutrients.  During the later stages of pregnancy, the baby “tastes” the food you eat through the amniotic fluid so if you expose your baby to a variety of fruits & vegetable in the woman, you will increase the chance that your baby will recognize and accept those flavor later on.