Never Tested for Colon Cancer? What’s YOUR Excuse?

Embarrassing! Painful! Disgusting!!

These are some of the words that come to mind for lots of folks when they think about getting tested for colon cancer.

Let’s face it – this involves a part of the body and bodily functions that people don’t talk about in polite conversation. Hopefully I can convince you that they (and you) need to get past this attitude and get on with testing.

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Cancers of the colon and the rectum (the last sections of the digestive system) are extremely common. In fact, they’re the third most common cancer in US men and women. The good news is the rates of this disease have been falling steadily over the past 20 years, and a big part of the decrease is directly related to testing for colorectal/ colon cancer. Here are 5 Foods That Prevent Cancer you should check out

colon cancerYou see, not only can testing help find the disease early, when it’s highly treatable, but testing can actually help to prevent the disease! That’s because most colorectal/ colon cancers start as a small, non-cancerous growth called a polyp. Finding and removing these polyps stops cancer before it starts.

You’d think that with these proven benefits people would be lining up to get tested – yet 4 out of every 10 adults who should get tested are missing out on this possibly life-saving opportunity. Why? There are a lot of myths about colorectal / colon cancer that people use as excuses to avoid getting tested. The following are some of the myths about testing, as well as the facts people need to know.