How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

Online Fax Service to Freely Send and Receive Faxes

Some people might take fax as ‘old as the hills’. But the truth is not what it seems to be. Regardless of new innovations in the communication world, fax still has its mark due to some of the top-quality pros that it provides.

It will not be wrong to say that fax faded a little at the time when new innovations, like Gmail, were made in the world of communication. But even with these advanced technologies, no one could deny and give up on the ultimate advantages and plus points of using faxes.

So the innovators and groundbreakers decided to modify the fax a little bit so that it meets the changing and advancing requirements. This way, fax came back strong and more efficient than ever. Fax is now combined with the latest innovations to provide a wonderful and fantastic faxing experience.

Yup, the new faxing innovation is faxing online, that is faxing through the internet. The Internet is readily available these days and so is faxing. You can now fax with any internet-connected device as you like.

How is online faxing possible?

Faxing directly from the web is impractical or undoable. Because the internet works through digital signals and faxing is a method that involves analog signals, it is not possible for these two to work with cooperation.

Hence a third party fax service does the job for them by interpreting and translating their work. It is only through a fax service that online faxing has been achievable.

With loads of online fax services out there, it becomes a really tiresome task to find the accurate one. Here, we have for you, the most reliable and widely appraised fax service that offers the best faxing highlights.

CocoFax – One Solution For All Your Faxing Problems

CocoFax is the finest faxing brand with which you can send and receive fax for free. It is currently the most in-demand fax service because of the incredible faxing features served to its customers. With more than a million users all around the globe, CocoFax is standing at the top of the fax market right now.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

CocoFax has made a name for itself in the eyes of not only countless people but also various international media outlets. It has been weighed up by the New York Times, PCMag, PC World, Forbes and much more.

Where qualities and services are concerned, CocoFax serves its clients with the best and top ones available in the market. And it presents not one but multiple ways to fax online. But first, let us discuss the most beneficial aspect that CocoFax offers.

Free Fax Number

No matter what faxing method you use, a fax number is necessary to fax from all of the techniques. Fax number is essential to own whether you are using a fax machine or an online fax service provider.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

Getting a fax number can be a hassle because for faxing through fax machines, you ought to get in touch with your telephone operator in order for the purpose of getting a fax number. This consumes a lot of time as well as effort.

But CocoFax takes into account all these problems and provides effective solutions too. It provides you with the opportunity of having a free fax number without any kind of hassle. You won’t have to go anywhere or contact anyone to get a fax number rather it will be delivered to you on your email if you opt to choose CocoFax.

Additionally, you will not even have to pay a cent for that. Your fax number will be totally free of charges.

Make Your Own Fax Number

Yes, you read it perfectly right. With CocoFax, you make your fax number yourself, in accordance with your and your firm’s needs and requirements.

Well, this is a quite unique and useful feature and helps all CocoFax users, especially the firms and organizations who want their fax number to be matching their company code.

And guess what, you do not even have to pay any extra money for choosing your own fax number. Well, this is beyond quality. Excellent faxing services with equal-to-none money, what more do we want.

Faxing through CocoFax Online Dashboard

One of the most utilized ways to fax through CocoFax is by using its online dashboard. CocoFax has a very user-friendly interface that is why most of its users stick to the faxing services offered by its web dashboard. 

Here we have laid out some simple steps with which you can easily send and receive your faxes through the web.

Sending Faxes for Free

Step 1: Before anything else, you must create a CocoFax account if do not already have one. For this purpose, just head to the official CocoFax site and follow all the sign-up steps. You can additionally have the benefit of a 30-day free trial to try out the services for a month totally free. With the free month trial, you will also choose your free fax number here.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

Step 2: Provide your name as well as the email address that you want to associate with your CocoFax account. You will get your free fax number as well as other notifications on the email id that you provide.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

Step 3: Then comes the main part – composing the fax. When you sign up effectively, your online dashboard will directly appear in front of you. This is where you will compose your fax. Hit the ‘New Fax’ button to open the composing window.

In the pop-up window, fill up all the details including the recipient fax number that will come in the ‘To’ field. If you want to add some text at the top of your fax document, you can write it in the ‘Subject’ field. The content of the document’s first page will come in the ‘Cover Page’. The latter two fields are optional, you can leave them empty too.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

Attach your document, CocoFax supports almost all document types like pdf files, spreadsheets, word documents, and even pictures. Press the ‘Send’ button after you have completed all the above steps and filled in all the info.

You do not have to worry whether your fax arrived at the destination or not because CocoFax will notify you in both situations.

CocoFax also has the “email to fax” feature which allows you to send fax from Gmail, you can click here to see the details.

Receiving Faxes for Free

Receiving faxes is much simple when you are using CocoFax. You get all your faxes through the dashboard. You do not have to have your dashboard open all the time in order to receive faxes like that in case of fax machines.

Whenever you open your dashboard, you can see all your faxes there. So, receiving faxes is relatively easier and much convenient as compared to old fax machines.


CocoFax has made online faxing a child’s play. You can send and receive faxes no matter wherever you are and whatever the time. CocoFax has its faxing services available all the time.