3 Apps Every Smartphone Owner Should Install Today

Smartphones are a very useful addition to our everyday lives. For many, they represent the only connection to the digital world with all of its services ranging from banking and shopping to entertainment and the news. What most people forget, though, is that smartphones are, in fact, pocket-sized computers, with all of their benefits and vulnerabilities.

Many smartphone users stick to the legitimate part of the internet today, playing Betway Live Casino games and reading Google’s news services only, and use the apps and services provided with their phones. There are, in turn, other apps and services that are either much better than the built-in ones or provide features that are missing but necessary.


Blokada is a free, open-source DNS changer and VPN service you can use on any Android phone. It can be downloaded from Google Play, it is completely free and ad-free, and will help you avoid things like DNS spoofing (also known as cache poisoning) and access sites and services that are otherwise unavailable in your location.

The full version of Blokada – also free and open-source – can be installed via third-party repositories like F-Droid and XDA Labs – has even better functionality, acting as an ad blocker, too. 

Blue Mail

Every smartphone has an email client – and most of the time, it is perfect for the needs of the everyday user. But there are times when the built-in email clients in smartphones simply don’t cut it. This is where Blue Mail comes in.

Aside from having an attractive design that’s easy to use (although if all you’ve used before were built-in email clients, it may take some getting used to), the app has many attractive features that will make emailing – especially professionally – easier for you.

Among others, Blue Mail can handle several email accounts, all of them with their custom notification sound and LED colors, and gather all the incoming messages from them into the same unified inbox. And one of its best features is that you’ll be able to mark emails as read (or delete them) directly from the push notification it sends.

Files by Google

Finally, here is one app that is installed by default on all Android One phones and should be there on all others: Google’s own file manager and disk cleanup app called Files by Google. The app is simple, easy to use, and feature-packed: it will not only clean up junk files on your phone quickly and safely but it will also double as a file manager, allowing you to move and copy your files, transfer them offline, and back them up to cloud storage. Its interface is intuitive, its disk cleanup works fast and easy – overall, it’s an app everyone should use. Especially on phones with a limited storage capacity.