The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme was established by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to enable French higher education establishments to attract top foreign students to enrol in their master’s and PhD courses.

It helps to shape the future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors, in priority areas of study, and encourages applications from emerging countries at master’s level, and from emerging and industrialized countries at PhD level.

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  •    Opening of the call for applications: October 15th, 2015
  •    Deadline for receipt of applications by Campus France : January 8th, 2016
  •    Announcement of results: Week of March 21th, 2016

Master’s course:
  •    The Eiffel scholarship is granted to cover a set number of months in order to help the recipient follow the course for which his/her application has been agreed. Students will have to meet the academic obligations for each academic year of the course to continue to benefit from the initial scholarship.
  •     Excluding language training, the scholarship may not exceed 12 months for a Master’s 2 course, 24 months for a Master’s 1 course and 36 months for an engineering degree course.
  •      If the recipient follows a preliminary language training course he/she may receive his/her allowance during this training, for a maximum duration of two months. The cost of the training shall not be covered.
  •      Optional trainings are not covered. Recipients may continue to benefit from their scholarship for a training period or an internship outside of their host university equivalent to 25% of the duration of their training period, to the condition that the aforementioned training or internship is part of the curriculum prepared.
  •     If the course offers an international academic exchange, payment of the scholarship will be suspended for the period spent abroad.
  • ·     If an Eiffel recipient would carry out his/her training in an apprenticeship course with dual training in a company supported by a contract providing for a wage, the benefit from the Eiffel scholarship will be terminated at the start of the training.

PhD course:

  •      Eiffel scholarships are granted for a period of up to ten months.
  •     A language training taken during the main higher education course is available for law course on request from the French host centre. It is not available for science and economics courses.
  •      Split stay: If approved by the selection commission, law students may split the ten months into a maximum of three stays lasting three to four months, over a maximum of three years, with students returning to their countries of origin between sessions. Only one round trip will be supported.
  •      In order to receive the first payment of the scholarship, the recipient must begin his studies in his host university in France
  •      Higher education institutions are asked to immediately inform Campus France of any relevant event that may delay graduation.
Amount of the Eiffel scholarship

  •      The Eiffel programme does not cover tuition fees. Higher education centres are asked to apply the best possible financial conditions to Eiffel scholarship recipients.
  •      Tuition fees at higher education centres directly monitored by the French Ministry of Education are waived for students benefitting from French government scholarship programmes.
  •        Master’s courses : Eiffel scholarship recipients benefit from an allowance of 1,181 EUR (1,031 EUR of maintenance allowance and 150 EUR of monthly compensation). In addition, the programme covers various expenses including a return trip, health insurance and cultural activities. Recipients may also be eligible for housing allowance.
  •          PhD courses: Eiffel scholarship recipients receive an allowance of 1,400 EUR. n addition, the programme covers various expenses including a return trip, health insurance and cultural activities. Recipients may also be eligible for housing allowance.
  •       Payment conditions: The scholarship is paid monthly by bank transfer on a French account opened by the recipient at the start of the course. Bank account details (RIB, IBAN) must be transferred to Campus France.