How To Manage Google+ profile for Blogger

How To Manage Google+ profile  for Blogger
your new to blogging, this will help. Manging your Google plus can be
problematic  if your not familiar with some of the features. Google
has made it easy to spread the word about your blog and engage  your
readers.In order to manage your Google plus, you need to Manage your Google+
settings and here is how to go about it.

To manage Google+
settings in Blogger, follow the steps below:
1.      Sign
in to Blogger
2.      Select the blog to update.
3.      In the left menu, click
You can also link your
blog to a Google+ page to
share posts directly to the page. Learn to create a Google+ page.
You can only use one
Google+ profile for all blogs you contribute to. 
Proper managing of your
Google plus also involves looking out for Google comments performance. You can
use Google+ comments to bring comments on your Blogger blog posts and Google+
together. You can tell you have Google+ comments if: You see an
option to share comments to Google+.
·         As the
author of a post, you receive Google+ notifications when readers comment on or
share your blog post.
Do you intend To turn on
Google+ comments: follow the steps below;
2.      Sign
in to Blogger
3.      Select the blog to update.
4.      In the left menu,
click Google+.
5.      Check the box.
For easy and fast
 comment on your blog, readers need a Google+ page or profile.
However, If you change your
blog URL or turn off Google+ comments, your Google+ comments will disappear
instantly and you will be on the losing part. So be careful.
If you decide to use
Blogger comments, certainly they will remain on your blog. Third party
commenting systems might not be retained when you enable Google+ comments, try
to understand that and be cautious as ever.