Google wants developers making crazy Android experiments

Google wants developers making crazy Android experiments
Recently, Google decided to launch a platform  promoting innovative Android experiments on
phones, tablets and smartwatches. whatever thing was game, provided it ran on
top of Android or Android Wear.

Now, with less than two months to go before its next I/O developer conference, Google is putting the call out for some new,
equally brain-melting ideas.

The kicker is that the best three submissions will get I/O
tickets in order to show off their projects to attendees. A further five
runner-ups will get a Nexus 6P. If you’re an app developer looking for a little
inspiration, Google has a few suggestions. It wants to see projects that use
Android’s new features –Android N’s multitasking capabilities might be a good place to start — as well as anything that
explores how people interact with their devices. If it has unusual visuals,
even better, and if it can inspire other developers, well, you might be on your
way to a home run.
 “All projects on Android Experiments are open
source,” Google explains in a blog post. “If you’re not sure where to
start, take a look on the site gallery, dig in and get