Key Features Of WordPress 4.4 Version Worth Considering

Key Features Of WordPress 4.4 Version Worth Considering
WordPress is widely known for being backed by a
professional team of competent developers who consistently work to modify and
update this quintessential platform for general purpose. It was only a year
back that WordPress announced 4.3 and no sooner it released this new version
4.4 connoted as ‘Clifford’ in the remembrance of Clifford Brown, the famous
jazz trumpeter.

This latest release is speculated to proffer some amazing new
features along with few improvements benefiting developers to create advanced
cum sustainable WordPress solutions.

Let’s first take a look at the general features this new
update has to offer:
Embed Provider
Now embedding content like videos, tweets in WordPress gets
more easy. You can simply paste the URL and get your content embedded. Every
WordPress user must be knowing that oEmbed is supported since 2.9 version and
with every new release, it has been extending its functionality. From YouTube
video to a Tweet from Twitter, you can simply use the oEmbed provider to embed
the content into your WordPress editor.
Moreover, an updated WP 4.4 website would itself work as an
oEmbed provider which means you can easily embed your content into different
other sites or vice versa.  
Responsive Images
This latest update renders the power of making all the WP
sites device-agnostic i.e supportive to responsive images. This helps in
optimizing images by default to different screens and devices. The updated
WordPress will now provide images added with native “srcset” and “sizes”
support which would help in uploading images that are automatically cropped to
required size of the browser.  
Default WordPress Theme- Twenty Sixteen
Be ready to experience the Twenty Sixteen default theme of
WordPress 4.4. Anyhow this theme can be downloaded from official WP theme
directory or through Github. Here are the key features of this theme:
  •  It comprehends both
    custom and default color options
  • Multiple social menu
  • Optional sidebar
    facilitating full-width layout for the posts
  •  Mobile-friendly
  •   Comprehends customized
    option for background and header
  •   Custom options for
    adding introduction of posts

Now the good news for developers. This new update is all
going to bring that huge smile on your face if you are a WordPress developer.
Reasons?? Here are they:

WP API or WordPress REST API is not a new concept, as it is
already available as an add-on. But with this new update, you will be getting
this exemplary feature as inbuilt function within the WordPress core.
Evidently the WP API is supposed to be released in two
parts, out of which the first has been released in version 4.4. With the
introduction of this new feature, the core WordPress team is all set to make
their benchmark move in the nascent phase of 2016.  
Taxonomy Term Meta Data

For last few releases, the term taxonomy has been going
through developments, which brings meta data capability to be included in the
core functionality of WordPress 4.4. This means that the terms like categories,
tags or any other custom taxonomy are now going to have meta tags linked with
Comments Standardization

WordPress has made significant changes in the comment form.
So now the comment field gets displayed first, then the name and after that,
there will be a section for email. A lot many users faced the problem of
differential comment function during login and logout which is being resolved
in this new release. 
And now the comment will be represented as WP_Comment
object that will enable you to output object-oriented comments to serve
comments and queries.
Conclusion: As
speculated, the exemplary features of WordPress 4.4 have not only created a
sensation in the realm of WordPress web development but have also doubled up
the fan-list of WordPress as an ultimate platform.
All necessary information related to WP 4.4 has already
been discussed in this post. If ever being the site author, you feel perplexed
to use it on your live site, take assistance from a professional developer to
avoid any complications. 
Feel free to add your reviews to the comment section below!

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