The Nigerian Police Recruitment list for Specialist Duties Update

The Nigerian Police Recruitment list for Specialist Duties Update
Nigerian police recruitment specialist
list will soon be out, in about  two to four weeks from now. Most applicants who
applied for the Nigerian police as specialist have been troubled in one way or
the other since their names have been kept in isolation.

 Few weeks after the commission inform all the
candidates that applied for the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) recruitment form that the Police Service Commission (PSC) has released the list of shortlisted candidates qualified for the screening exercise. Both General duties and
specialists duties were highly expected to be out.  Nonetheless the Specialist list have been kept pending, but that is the normal
procedure as it deems ok.
The Nigerian police recruitment
schedule is usually done in a professional way, as in it occurs in phases,
after the General duty might have finished their screening and test which
usually can last from 3-4 weeks and possibly those who have succeeded are sent
to the training camp, they will be there for at least 3 months before the
specialist joins them.
Note that, the normal period of
training is 6 months once you’re  successful
in the process for the General duty whereas the specialist will be 3 months, so
everyone who have applied as specialist should calm down and be focused and
only should concentrate on been shortlisted.
The entire process of short listing
will happen as it did in the General duty police enlistment and successful
applicants will be send text and email.

If you didn’t receive any text please don’t
relax kindly proceed to the headquarters and check for your name as usual, your
name can be shortlisted but no text send to you.