Google introduces new tool in Search to help Americans vote easily

Google introduces new tool in Search to help Americans vote easily
The US Presidential election is closer than ever, and we are currently anticipating sinusoidal movement in the electoral process (not as tricky as Nigeria’s in totality) due to numerous reasons.
In order to classically simplify and make the process less turgid, Google has announced a new tool in Search. The tool will make the voter registration process as simple as ABC, thereby ensuring Americans’ voices are heard.

By simply typing “register to vote” or similar queries in Search, Google will display a detailed state-by-state guide providing information on how to register, general requirements and deadlines.
This information will appear right at the top of the Search page and in the Google app.
“We hope these new features in Search will help keep you informed this election season and make it easier for you to make it to the ballot box in November,” said Jacob Schonberg, Product Manager at Google.
Google recently announced that the tool will go live on Monday, July 18, 2016. I decided to try it out and see if it’ll bring up any meaningful and useful information.
I typed “register to vote”
The information below were displayed.
The information appeared in the “People also ask” section, not as Google stated it would. Is it because I’m not in the States? I wouldn’t know. The information displayed were nevertheless very useful.
You must be in deep thought why I’m even more cncern about the US Presidential elections. Well…I’m sure you’re familiar with the “When America sneezes, the whole world embraces a cold” statement?
Consequently, whatever happens there affects us, proportionally or indirectly, in almost all ramifications.
Significantly though, Nigeria’s elections would be coming up soon and I think the tool will come in handy because our elections here are ALWAYS tricky!