What The Youths Are Saying Regarding the Arraignment of Peace Corp Boss By Nigeria Police,DSS and AGF

What The Youths Are Saying Regarding the Arraignment of Peace Corp Boss By  Nigeria Police,DSS and AGF

It is magnetically and crystal-lattice dramatic
beyond  reasonable qualm that the
Nigerian police force enjoin  with the
DSS in juxtaposition with the AGF have condescend so low in an open display of
mature/political scholarliness

 to  haul
activities of the Nigerian peace corp by perturbing, tormenting and
re-arresting its National commandant, Amb,Dr. Dickson Akoh. This is vertically
and horizontally unacceptable.

Legalizing and authorizing the corp should be
impressively delectable and  of immense
and exceptional elation, magnificence and contentment as thousands to the tune
of 200,000 of Nigerian youths  will be
taken out from the streets and become professionally responsible thereby
strengthening the security  sphere/domain
of the this great and dynamic country.

Why can’t knowledgeable and scrupulous homosapiens
leading our country key into this or see this live and direct.. According to
daily trust, (E.O. Rogers, Abuja, and Mar 14 2017) Re: We don’t need Nigerian
Peace Corps
. I quote where Rogers wroteIt reads me with consternation an
Editorial with the above title, which appeared in Daily Trust of Tuesday, March
7, 2017. It is sad to note that an elite newspaper like the Daily Trust would
agree to be used by enemies of the Nigerian Peace Corps and by extension,
enemies of Nigerian Youths in such a distasteful manner”.
According to close/guided sources, Dr.Akoh and other
officials were vulgarly escorted to the federal High court on Monday,20th of
March amidst intense security.
He was apparently under arrest over an assertion of
illegal establishment of the NPC and the use of military training facilities
for intended personnel of the Corps.
Dr. Akoh had been in his terrestrial domicile state
in Benue where he was receiving conventional /habitual medical attention due to
his ill-health and approximate infirmity. This is practically concomitant with
the recent tribulations Dr Akoh is facing. 
He was apprehended precisely at about 5:40pm by mob
security personnel motivated by orders from senior officer of the Criminal
Investigation Department.
What The Youths Are Saying Regarding the Arraignment of Peace Corp Boss By  Nigeria Police,DSS and AGF
Final statement
Although peace corp is momentary undergoing tensile constant
agony, trauma and affliction from (Oga at the tops). But it is reactionarily
said to terminate sooner or later which will reproduce celebration in all
glorification. The youths of this country are not asleep, seeing what the
Nigerian Police, DSS and top political office holders are doing against the
Nigerian peace corp. 
Evidently distinguished without any atom of indistinctness,
haziness and ambiguity that this will bring to a standstill unnecessary
killings, solve unemployment crisis and stagnation, resolve unending conflicts,
elevate the economic status and propagate Nigeria to an altitude of everlasting
obeisance/respite  and unvarying gargantuan
Below is a
video of Akoh and other senior officers of the Peace Corps arriving the court.