Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted from his Android phone in two months

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted from his Android phone

With the Repercussion of Donald Trump’s classified information leak, president Trump has remain unshaken. Donald trump popularly took advantage of Twitter in the 2016 campaign in a precise and determinate fashion that other candidates wouldn’t — or couldn’t approach from a close distance. And, as The New York Times noted way back in October 2015, he used a Samsung Galaxy to do it, having practically no single computer in his office.Furthermore, Internet sleuths after series of research, deduced that the phone was somewhat a Galaxy S3, that was released in May 2012, which could only run older, insecure versions of the Android operating system. As the “Reply All” podcast illustrated convincingly in a smart/astonishing episode, smartly available groundbreaking software may completely delete the privacy of a person still using one of these mobile device

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However, the good news is that it looks like Trump’s Android days may be in the past. At least, he’s no longer tweeting from Android, which you can see for yourself by searching Twitter for tweets from source:”Twitter for Android”. Trump’s tweets are all now coming from an iPhone (or possibly multiple iPhones, assuming he is still sharing the account with his team), which you can verify by searching for tweets from source:”Twitter for iPhone”.

President Donald trump  hasn’t tweeted from an Android device since March 25 of this year, when he encouraged his tens of millions of followers to watch “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Fox News:

Moretso,  it can be clearly recalled that throughout the presidential campaign, tweets were posted to @realDonaldTrump from both Android and iOS devices, and most times via via Instagram. This was noticed by special groups, the more aggressive, shoot-from-the-hip tweets tended to come from an Android device, whereas the more calibrated, genial ones were most probably posted by someone on his campaign from an iPhone.

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