Facebook Ad: How I Target Nigerians Living Abroad

Anyone familiar with Facebook ad will be aware that targeting some countries such as United States, Canada, Uk, and Australia will cost you more. African countries tend to have the lowest cost per post engagement when it comes to Facebook ad targeting. $5 spent on an ad campaign targeting countries in Africa will have far reach than targeting the United States alone with the same amount. But then what do you do when you want to reach certain nationals? For instance, you want Nigerians living abroad to see your ads.

Some might say just target the country you want them to see your ad. Truly, they might see your ad but will that be effective? Remember, Nigerians make a smaller portion of people in foreign countries they reside. Let say you target the United States, the probability that many Nigerians will see your ads will be slim, this is because the United States has more Americans and other immigrants.

So what you do if you want more of Nigerians living abroad to see your ad? At some point, I wanted that too. I wanted Nigerians in abroad to see my ads. I was marketing some assets here in Nigeria and I thought they might be interested in it.


I decided to experiment and put some dollars on Facebook ads. I chose some top tier countries that I know Nigerians love visiting or living there. I know Nigerians will always be interested in what is happening in their country as many have family, friends, and loved-ones back home.

Since Facebook allows you define your audience through demographic, interest and behavior, I simply choose pages related to Nigerians. This implies that when my ads are served to people in those foreign countries, only those who have shown interest or liked pages related to Nigeria or Nigerians will see them.

Did it work? Well, I realized my ads run for a longer duration since the budget didn’t get exhausted on time. I received few messages from Nigerians from the targeted countries. They made inquiries and I am hoping to make at least a sale. Who knows? Lol. You can’t force people to buy things.

You can as well try this method and see if it will work for you. Remember, I was marketing assets sold here in Nigeria. You can probably try that for any service you render and see what the feedback will be like.