How to Start Snail Breeding Business in Nigeria and Make Millions

How to Start Snail Breeding Business in Nigeria and Make Millions
The snails species we have in Africa, west Africa to be precise, are Achantina Fulica, Achantina and Achnatina marginate, known as GALS (Giant African Land Snails), weighing between 120 and 250 gms, and which grows occasionally up to 312mm (ft) in length. The shell constitutes most of their weight and can be found in areas like Calabar, Benin, epe in Lagos, ore, etc, in Nigeria. They can also be found in Ghana.

As far as agriculture is concerned, snailery, which is the raising of snails, and he preparation of its products in varying degrees for man’s use or consumption is an “Exigency”, especially due to the high cost of general source of animal protein, such as fish, beef, chicken, etc.

The demand for snail products is tremendously high that snail rearing or heliculture, especially in Europe, has become a very lucrative business.

How to Start Snail Breeding Business in Nigeria and Make Millions
We want you to know that the snail may look and act sluggishly but its efficacy, profitability, economic benefits, lucrativeness, marketability, etc. are not sluggish or slow but very fast. They may look small but what they are capable of offering is very big.

Snailery has a lot of economic importance due to the quality and utility of its by-products. The shell is used in making buttons, earrings, drinking cups, jewelry, wall and lawn decoration, combs, flower pots, spoons, and development of the snail as it contains calcium.

Heliculture is a treasure that will add pleasure an enhance your business activity. This is why we are encouraging youth corp members, individuals, especially farmers of the 21st century, to seriously consider snail rearing as a lucrative venture.

How to Start Snail Breeding Business in Nigeria and Make Millions

Considerable factors for breeding
Snail site selection and preparation 
The consideration factors here depend on whether the methods of breeding is outdoor or indoor, and also whether the purpose of breeding is personal or commercial.

Outdoor breeding
a. select very fertile soil, which may be loamy or humus, because either of these contains water and other nutrients that the snail needs, especially when it comes to reproduction. When they lay eggs they bury them in the soil for survival, thus they need soil with moderate water to sustain the eggs.

b. Plug in order to loosen the soil

c. Clear the bush (not by burning)

d. Plant green vegetation as snailery cooler 
e. Reserve a few tree for stereoscopic plantation, to serve as natural shade for the snails, since too much rays of light could affect them

f. Make sure the site is barricaded, especially to keep of intruders or the prevent the snails from escaping

g. The site and the vegetation should be disinfected with insecticides and pesticides to kill dangerous parasitic insects and pests like termites, worms, etc.

h. Put a padlock on the site enclosure

i. Make sure that vegetables and fruits tree like banana, pawpaw, etc. are available.

J. Ensure the regular watering of the site

k. Introduce a breeding stock

l. Make sure the area is well constructed in such a way that the temperature is properly regulated.

M avoid the use of sandy or clay soil, as these are not good for the incubation of the eggs

N the site should be protected from the wind

How to Start Snail Breeding Business in Nigeria and Make Millions
O the site should be a well-drained area; it shouldn’t be water logged, because too much water affects the snail; the incubation of the eggs is also affected

In-door breeding
A. the room must be well ventilated

B. The room size should depend on the scale of the breeding

C. It is advisable that the walls of the room be covered with plastic foam all round to preserve heat. Avoid the use of metals or iron, as these tend to conduct heat

D. Select a fertile garden soil for breeding to preserve humidity in the room

E .Make sure the soil is well treated with disinfectant or heat it to a very good temperature to kill microbes and parasites before putting the snails in the room. The soil should still be watered again

F.  Make sure the room is well shaded and protected from light and radiation

G. Make further demarcations, especially for incubation

H. Always water the soil to make it moist but not logged or over damped

I.  Ensure that the room is cool and neat from time to time, depending on the condition. Their excretions, i.e. faeces or slime, should be cleared and the floor cleaned, as these could affect them, especially in reproducing.

There are other considerable factors for both indoor and outdoor breeding system, but the factors given are the basic ones for snail thematology.

Also, the two methods of breeding can be used either for domestic or commercial use, as may be desired.

There are different types of terrariums for snail breeding, ranging from the traditional to manual type and automated type. The choice is determined by land, capital, materials, specimen availability, etc.

It also depends on the purpose for which the snail (specimen) is to be used – personal or commercial. It could also be dependent on the production scale – small or large. Whatever kind of terraria to be built, the requirements for snail breeding depends on the following physical conditions:





=> PEST AND PARASITE CONTROL (through the use of disinfectants or insecticides)




There are different terraria in which snail can be reared or bred, such as pots, baskets, hutches, and rubbers. Snails are reared by rubber farmers on their rubber plantation. This integrated snail breeding is practiced especially in the forestry research institute of Nigeria (F.R.I.N), Benin

N.B; When selecting snails for breeding, it is advisable to select the medium size for breeding, as they are the best fed with vegetable, fruits and succulents. It has been discovered that paw-paw and water leaf help snails grow fast. They also do well with cassava leaves and anything rich in calcium, such as bone, shell, prawn, chalk, etc.

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