What You Need To Know About Dayton Freight Lines

What You Need To Know About Dayton Freight Lines

Dayton Freight currently attribute her growth to the dedication of its employees and the loyalty of all customers and business partners.” according to president Tom Cronin.


The guiding principle behind Dayton Freight’s success is summed in its Corporate perspective statement: “Delivering Value Today… Driving The Standard Pertaining to Tomorrow. ” This declaration translates into doing the very best we can – each and every day – to bring real value to customers in the way of on-time pickups and transport, careful handling of shipment, ongoing fleet maintenance and accurate documentation coming from all businesses.
It also means planning the future in conditions of comprehensive employee training, growing our asset-based Services Center network and making an investment in those technologies that will help us remain on the cutting edge of the transportation/service equation. Dayton Freight leads the industry in creating new requirements when you use technology in all external and internal processes.
With an emphasis on Company-owned facilities and a culture that is professional, positive and people-centered, we attribute our growth to the determination of your employees and the loyalty of our customers and business partners.

“The mission of Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. is to be the recognized leader in providing high quality regional LTL transportation services. We will accomplish our mission through trained and empowered employees who are dedicated to continuous improvements that focus on our customers and internal processes. Our ultimate measure of success will come from customer loyalty and partnerships. The services provided by Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. are the end result of our efforts and designed to meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.”


Delivering Value Today. Driving The Standard For Tomorrow.®

People: Provide equal opportunity for each employee to achieve their full potential
Treat all employees with dignity and respect
Acknowledge all contributions
Practice open and interactive communication
Maintain trust and respect in all relationships
Work as a team throughout the company

Performance:Focus on exceeding the needs of external and internal customers
Conduct business practices honestly, ethically and morally
Preserve and care for company assets
Demonstrate operational excellence
Achieve sufficient earnings to support long-term growth and job security

Process:Improve all business procedures and methods
Commit resources to ongoing training, education and development
Recognize all quality achievements
Use Statistical Process Control (SPS) tools to measure effectiveness and efficiency

Partners:Seek partners who provide products and services that support our vision and mission
Establish mutually profitable business relationships

SERVICE CENTER OPENINGS BY YEARWhat You Need To Know About Dayton Freight Lines

1981 Dayton
1982 Cincinnati
1985 Chicago, Columbus
1986 St. Louis, Minneapolis
1987 Toledo, Akron, Cleveland
1988 Pittsburgh
1990 Mansfield
1991 Walton
1992 Evansville, South Bend, Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne
1995 Grand Rapids, Flint, Louisville
1996 Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Rapids
2000 Danville, Rockford, Peoria, Bowling Green, Kalkaska, Detroit
2002 Des Plaines
2003 Salem
2004 Jackson
2005 Kansas City, Springfield, Cedar Rapids, Columbia,Sikeston
2006 London
2007 Tomah, Quad Cities
2008 Des Moines
2011 Lakeville, Mentor
2012 Gallipolis, Lowell
2013 Burlington
2015 Omaha, Brownstown
2016 Memphis

What types of benefits does Dayton Freight Lines offer employees?

What You Need To Know About Dayton Freight Lines
Competitive salaries
Medical insurance
Prescription drug card
Optional vision plan
Optional dental plan
Optional short term disability insurance
Optional long term disability insurance
Paid holidays (8)
$35,000 life insurance policy
Optional whole life insurance
Optional term life insurance
Optional critical care insurance
Paid vacation
401(k) plan
Profit sharing program
Paid personal day(s)
Direct deposit/payroll deduction

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