5 Steps To Secure A Job Easily

5 Steps To Secure A Job Easily

Did you just loose your job, resigned or you are just a graduate who is looking for a job? Millions of people nowadays are in dire need of something to do in order to earn a living while few are satisfied with their jobs.

What can you say about those who have good jobs? This is an intriguing question to answer. According to an expert on Job related issues, Those that have good job are not those people with good certificates or qualifications but, those people  who knows how to look for job earnestly.”

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Regardless of what might have made you jobless, here in this article, we shall check out “5 Steps To Secure A Job Easily”.

Five (5) Steps To Secure A Job Easily 

*1 ==>  Be Well Organized

To be sacked  is no more an issue but the major point of discomfort is having to stay at home without a Job, this can make you extremely unhappy.

According to a lady who lost her job as a Fashion designer in Italy, she said that she had totally loose her faith and gradually, she stop going out with friends and families as a result of Sadness in her heart.

How can you avoid this hopelessness? According to a book titled “Get A Job in 30 Days or Less<“. it was suggested that: “It is very important to “be well organized” and also, Have a Focus Daily.

Why did you need to be well organized if you are looking for a Job? The reason is that, if everything about you are well Organized which includes dressing gaily as if you have a job already, you will be happy and feel comfortable.

*2 ==> Look For Available Job That Haven’t Be Advertised.

There is a Nigerian proverb that says Women With Good Cooking Skills Will Surely Have A Good Husband. Simply, you must have a good searching skill so that you can have a good job.

If you focus on Jobs that are advertised on the internet or in Newspapers, thousands of available jobs will pass you by. Even, jobs that are advertised will be overcrowded with many applicants.
There are many Available Jobs that are not Advertised to the public. But, how can you know these type of Jobs that are not advertised?

Apart from writing application for jobs that have been advertised, you can start wooing different companies. If you get to a company for job but you are told that their is no vacancy, ask them to tell you if they know of any other company that needs workers. If you are lucky to be directed to another company, if you get to the company, tell them the name of the person that directed you there.

Apart from going from one company to another, you can as well tell your friends, families and acquaintances that they should help also.

*3 ==> Don’t Reject Any Job Given To You.

For quick job, you should not reject any job offered to you. According to a lady from South Africa, “It’s quite tedious for a person to have a job the person really want. You must be satisfied with the job offered to you.”

Accepting any job offered to you might entails that you must start creating likeness for the jobs you really hate. 

*4 ==> Make A Well Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV).

You should know that it’s very compulsory for you to have a Curriculum Vitae which must includes your certificates/qualifications. After making a well detailed CV, distribute them to people (Family, Friends and acquaintances) also, distribute them to the companies you have visited.

How can you make a well details Curriculum Vitae? 
It’s simple. 
• Write your name fully
• Address
• Telephone numbers
•  Email
• Where you have Worked before including years of experience (if any).
• The type of Job you are looking for
• Your Levels of education
• Your Area of Specialization
• Your Abilities – What you can do 
• Your Bio – Facts about you
• Your References – people who can stand for you.

If you have done this and might have distributed them but, no company call you for interview, you can do some small cards which will have your name, address, email, telephone numbers and also, write your area of specialization and the type of job you have been doing before (if any) and you can as well attach a passport photograph of yourself in the card. 

After making this card, distribute them to people who might help you secure a job. If any employer see this card, you may be lucky to secure a job.

If you have a well detailed CV, you will be very comfortable and help you to prepare for any available job.

*5 ==> Be Prepared For Interview

Before going for an interview, it’s very important that you must also know about the company you are going to. Make sure that you investigate very well on the company that call you for interview. If you know about the company, it will be convenient for you to answer the interviewer what will impress him/her.

Also from your investigation, you will know maybe the company want workers like you or not. 

After investigation thoroughly about the company, think about nice dress you are going to put on, if the company deal with Office, then prepare to dress in cooperate suit wear. If the company deal with using energy like construction activities, dress in such a manner that it will shows the interviewer that you are capable of working with them.

Dressing properly is telling your interviewer that you are very confident and have a good lifestyle and also, you are very sure of your area of specialization.

Also, get to company fifteen minutes before the interview. If you get to the company early (not too early), the interviewer will be looking at how fitted you are to handle the job given to you.

And, during the interview, you should note that the interviewer is not somebody who you should be afraid of. The interviewer might be an applicant who also have wrote application letter to the company and had undergone interview before. The most interesting part of it is that, the interviewer might have not undergone this type of tips you are reading here before.

During the interview, smile (not hysterically), make gesticulation and answer what you are questioned.

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Summary & Conclusion:
Five Steps To Secure A Job Successfully Are:-
*1 ==>  Be Well Organized
*2 ==> Look For Available Job That Haven’t Be Advertised.
*3 ==> Don’t Reject Any Job Given To You.
*4 ==> Make A Well Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV).
*5 ==> Be Prepared For Interview

If you follow the steps aligned above correctly, you will surely secure a job very soon.

Author/Guest writer : Gbolagade Oluwatomisin Hermitant, Writer and Blogger at Gbolamedia