How to Download Your Facebook Photo Album

How to Download Your Facebook Photo Album
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Facebook happens to be one of the most exciting avenues for
getting connected to family, friends or other relatives. As an easy-to-use
social platform, thousands of people find it amazing to share their photos to
Facebook and boost their social presence at large. Some enthusiastic users even
go further to upload as many as possible photos to their Facebook albums.

Meanwhile, you may have to download your Facebook album to
keep those lovely photos somewhere else. Sadly, this task might seem tricky but
with the aid of special tools, it turns out to be as simple as the word
Are you bored because you can’t save your Facebook photo
album somewhere else? Read on to find out the amazing steps you should follow. In
this post, we have come up with an effective tool that will surely make this
task achievable. There are various special tools capable of making this task
achievable but we focus our recommendation on PhotoLive due to its easy-to-use
features and its efficiency.
PhotoLive is an efficient browser extension that allows you
to save your entire Facebook photos without any worries. Interestingly, this
browser extension is designed to support several top browsers such as Opera,
Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. PhotoLive is most
recommendable not only for its pretty utility mode but also its free
accessibility. In that case, PhotoLive is not costly to use and to make the
best out of it, you just have to download and install it on your PC, tablet or
other smart device.
How You Can Use PhotoLive to Download Your Facebook Album’s Photos
When you use PhotoLive in opening a Facebook
window, you will find a Download Album
icon at the top part of the window (NOTE: This Download Album icon pops up when you explore an album)
When you select the Download Album icon, PhotoLive automatically compresses the ZIP
files of the photos in the album

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Then you can easily download the compressed ZIP
To complete the download process, extract the
files to a destination folder 
Having done that, the downloaded images easily
appear in the destination folder