How to Transfer Airtime on Your MTN SIM

How to Transfer Airtime on Your MTN SIM
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Like several other network operators, MTN has an avenue for
subscribers to share their airtime with their beloved ones such as friends and
relatives. Undoubtedly, this service comes as a great advantage in case your
account is funded heavily and you feel you could help some people –probably
your friends who are in extreme need of airtime.
With this beneficial service, every MTN subscriber is
allowed to share out of his/her surplus airtime with any other MTN subscriber.
By way of referring to this service, MTN gave it the name “Share n Sell’’. On
a significant note, you would agree that this service probably saves you from
the difficulties you might bear in the event of purchasing a voucher and
sending the recharge PIN to your recipient in form of a text message. In likely
situations, your recipient might complain about receiving the wrong PIN and as
regards this, you would have to re-send the PIN.

As an MTN subscriber who is bent on enjoying this service,
all you need is to acquaint yourself with several steps which will facilitate
your ability to Get Started, Send Airtime to Your Recipient or
change your Security PIN for
completing airtime transfers.
First and foremost, there are some
conditions you should realize concerning the MTN Share n Sell. In that case,
the conditions imply that;
MTN allows you to transfer airtime with the
maximum limit of #6,000 per transaction
You’re not allowed to transfer any airtime if
you don’t have up to #50 in your account (this means #50 is the minimum
transfer amount)
You’re required to create a transfer PIN
(usually a 4-digit PIN) just for the sake of security
Each transfer you make attracts a service charge
and this depends on the amount transferred
 Steps Required to Transfer Airtime Via MTN Share n Sell
–          With your account duly funded, create a text message
which is to contain the word “transfer’’, the phone number of the recipient,
the amount to be transferred and your 4-digit security PIN (NOTE: MTN has sets
your default PIN as 0000 but you will have to change it to any 4-digit PIN
confidential to you)
You can easily provide the details above in this
format: Transfer( )Phone Number of Your Recipient( )Amount( )Transfer PIN
(NOTE: the symbols ( ) mean you have to leave a space)
For instance, if my friend’s phone number is
08135399644 and I wish to transfer airtime worth #200 while my transfer PIN is
1234, I should create a text message in this format: Transfer 08135399644 200
After providing the details as illustrated
above, send them to 777
Wait while MTN sends you a confirmation SMS
Select “Yes’’ to confirm the transfer

Meanwhile, you can change your
transfer PIN from the default PIN (set by MTN) to any 4-digit PIN you
prefer. In case you want to change your PIN to 1234, create a text message in
this format: OldPIN( )NewPIN( )NewPIN; then, send it to 777.

Since 0000 is the
default PIN set by MTN, you may follow the example below if you wish to change
your PIN to 1234:  0000 1234 1234   (to be sent to 777)