4 Common Job Search Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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“It isn’t making mistakes that’s critical; it’s correcting them
and getting on with the principal task.”–Donald Rumsfeld
We’re humans. We’re imperfect. Making mistakes is an inherent part of
our existence. And then there’s the part where we are told mistakes are the
best way to learn, which I won’t dispute. Because yes, mistakes are life
But making mistakes too often or repeatedly without correcting them
will cost you dearly, especially in the business world. 
Out there is a stiff competition. A competition that is increasingly
becoming more competing and relying on silly mistakes will not fetch you that
Avoid these common mistakes during job searches, and increase you
chances of landing your desired position at the firm.
Mistake #1: Failing
To Plan Well In Your Search 
Most people spend a huge amount of time planning for social events and
gatherings than they actually do when searching for a job.
Make your job search more effective and rewarding by: laying out a
well-thought out process, daily planning, getting a tracking tool to measure
your progress and a system that will hold you accountable. 
Mistake #2:
Unprepared For A Job Interview 
When you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Failing to prepare well
enough for a job interview will blow your chances at securing a job position. 
All job interview consists of five essential elements: asking
intelligent questions, good follow up, making known your knowledge of the
company, negotiating your compensation, articulating your value.
To successfully ace other job seekers in line and increase your chances
of being “the one”, practice these items in mind before that job
Here’s Another Mistake You Should Avoid When You Get The Job
Mistake #3: Not
Knowing Your Value In The Market
“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” – Yogi
You must research and assess your value in the market place so you will
be in a better position to negotiate effectively. 
If you and the employer gets to the point where you discuss about
salaries, never disclose your salary requirements. 
Always get them to state their price or range first.
The best time to talk about money or your worth to the firm is when you
have been successful chosen as the right candidate for the job and after the
employer makes an offer. 
Mistake #4:
Searching For Job Openings 
Looking exclusively for companies or firms with job openings is an old
and not-so-good way of hunting for jobs.
Now, the quickest way that’ll guarantee you get a job faster is not
searching for only “job openings”. Because the best jobs out there do
not get listed as “vacancies”. 
Rather great job positions are created for the candidate, usually at
the interview. 
The solution is to look out for “opportunities” and instantly
take your mind off “job openings”. Because you find opportunities

Save yourself the incessant woes experienced when searching for a job.
Taking note of the pitfalls above and how to avoid them will help your search
for job position more productive.