Tips for Getting Good and Better Grades In School

As a student, you hate to see your grades written in red ink. You don’t like affiliating yourself with failure or being associated with the tag of ” THE CLASS DUMMER“. Let the truth be told, students like to make good grades in their studies. Firstly, for you to achieve success you need Energetic and Positive Classroom Atmosphere  before employing  several techniques  To Improve Your Study Habits 

In this article, i will outline four ways which will make you good grades in no time if only you can use and implement them.

1. Take out a time to make goals for your study time.

If you are studying, you should have a time frame which you have fixed for studying a particular subject or course. You can decide to study for 1 hour on a particular course/subject and use 30 minutes to make extensive researches (surfing online, reading from various textbooks) on the same course to get yourself acquainted with it.

Good and Better Grades

2. Have a specific study place.

You should establish a definite place which has been marked by you for studying. You are the only one who understands your body language and what your body system requires; this is why you must get your body programmed to the way and pattern of your reading.

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  • Do you lie down when reading or would you sleep off if you lie down?
  • Since the body likes pleasure, enjoyment, and entertainment, do you study while sitting on the sofa and watching the television
  • Do you study while listening to music on your phones and Mp3 devices?

Having your body programmed to your reading style makes you get more focus as another reading style may seem alien to you and possibly deter your chances of making good grades.

3. Study your challenging subjects first.

Ensure that you study the most challenging subjects first and see to it that you tackle them well before focusing on other subjects in another field of study.

Handle the subjects which you are weak in first before you try out other subjects which you know better,

4. Form/Join Study Groups.

You won’t know the advantage of this until you see the result. See to it that you join study groups made up of serious students like you. Set out time to lecture yourselves on different subjects and study. Interact better by making the study session less tensed, ask questions and make contributions.

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