Top 10 Things Nigerian Undergraduates Must Do Before Graduation

Education like we all know is the gradual discovery of ignorance. Every graduating student has loads of hopes and dreams about the better future that awaits them. Getting a degree, securing a dream job, making big bucks and settling in life are on everybody’s checklist. Meeting assignment deadlines, seeking term paper help and trusted services to proofread essay online, all those writing exams seem challenging. But those are nothing when compared with the drills of applying for a job and actually securing one. Getting a degree was only one part; the bigger part was yet to come.

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1. Know your major subject

It is very important that you put a serious thought before choosing your majors in college. Choose a subject that is interesting to you as well as can help you make money in future. Every student must know what subject he is studying so he can put his 100% in that particular subject. He/she should be wise enough to choose the subject that can also earn some livelihood to them in the future also.

2. Know your prospects

Most of the Nigerian students look forward to better job prospects once they graduate. A good thorough research about propositions on the market in your field helps you get more focused and motivated. Many websites give you a lot of information about the options available. They can largely help to you shape your future goals. Moreover, you get an idea what is expected of you.

3. Socialize

Nowadays the people who do not use social apps appear to not exist. Socialization keeps you alive. Get out of your apartment, make connections and socialize with new people that can help you in future. Social media is not only for chats with a friend but it can also help you build your career. It is easier to get a job with the larger social network. Building connections will give you advantages in your personal and professional life. Good socializing skills also show your friendly nature that can be an additional bonus skill apart from a good resume.

4. Gain experience

Newly graduated students are not usually highly paid. Look for any voluntary or unpaid work you can get your hands on during your studies or the summer breaks. These little opportunities may not help you at the time but they are profitable in the end. Put the experience on your resume because in addition to a good GPA good experience of the job beforehand can also make you stand out.

5. Focus on building your skills

Academic skills are important but what most students do is undermine the importance of additional skills. Students should focus on gaining and building personal skills, building teamwork abilities, learn to tolerate others, and focus on your personal grooming. Students need to equip themselves with additional skills. The best thing the students can do is to broaden their thinking and look around themselves to learn more than just what the books have to offer.

6. Adopt a professional attitude

You have a lot of time and energy for crazy things to do in college like having fun with friends and partying and wasting our time. This is all normal in student life but your later life demands some seriousness and professional attitude. Your non-serious attitudes may make you lose your job. Try to be a professional attitude before graduating.

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7. Ве ореn to every opportunity

We all want to make big money after we graduate. Future seems grand and the hopes are high. But the real world vibrates on a different frequency than the world of fantasy. It is good to aim high but my advice is to be open to every opportunity they can grab. The figures show that the count of Nigerian students studying overseas grew handsomely. This shows the open-mindedness of Nigerian community and students towards the international opportunities being offered to them at every level. However, not everybody is lucky enough to get into an international university. Being a university student you should be open to every opportunity you can get hold of be it a small job or just an internship. Because let’s be honest big things always start small.

8. Learn to expect unexpected

We all have plans, wishes, and expectations of how people will act or how an event, our day and our lives will turn out. Unfortunately, things do not always work out as we hope. Too often, things seem to twist and turn in ways we did not expect or foresee. There all a lot of things that we have pre-planned about what we can do after graduation but not all things go as planned. Therefore students should learn to expect surprises, this makes it a lot easier for them to adjust to new life.

9. Learn money management

Nigerian parents are not able to pay for the entire college experience of their children, they’ll probably have to get a job and learn how to live on a budget. The college years are particularly difficult financially because they have to pay for their tuition, books, and living expenses, all on a low-paying job. Yes, their efforts will pay off when they graduate and get a higher paying job, but the finances are definitely a challenge while.

10. Trust yourself

Learn to believe in yourself and not to look back. Believing in yourself and in your abilities is the very first step of the ladder of success. Nigeria may not be serving the best of opportunities compared to rest of the world but your trust in your talents and your capabilities can make you flourish in what little you have.