Why You Should Consider Farming as Profitable Business Venture

It’s like the case of the stone that the builders rejected becoming the head of the corner. Many detest farming simply because of how it has been perceived from time past. But the time to take a second look at this age-old profession is now. Choosing to go into farming as a profitable business venture may be one of the best decisions you make.

Why Farming is a Profitable Business Venture?

What is there not to love about farming? It is the way to produce the food that feeds the nation. Raw materials for industries are mainly produced through agriculture. Best of all, done well, it’s a business that can bring you wealth and abundance.

The consistent rise in the cost of food substances is a call to action. This is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Fair enough, some are already taking advantage of this situation. But for most people, farming is still viewed as a second class profession. The reason for that is simply that the role models for the profession have not been inspiring.

Most people engaged in farming before now have operated mainly on a subsistence level. They hardly produce enough even to satisfy their own consumption. As a result most farmers wallow in penury. It therefore becomes difficult for young people who migrated to the urban areas in search of a better life to consider farming as an alternative profession. Some feel if they wanted to farm, they’ll have stayed back in their villages.

Acquiring education to them, especially higher education, means it’s time to leave agriculture behind. They go out in the search of white collar jobs. Unfortunately, these jobs are in short supply. We now have a situation where the neglect of agriculture has become costly. Food prices have skyrocketed.

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It’s not Difficult to Know Why

There is a severe shortage of food supply vis-à-vis population growth. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, ”World hunger is on the rise: the estimated number of undernourished people increased from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million in 2016.” The situation has not gotten better in 2018.

While some parts of the world are more at risk than others, the fact remains there is a need that is yet to be filled. You can choose to be a problem solver in this regard. You certainly will be the better for it.

Why You Should Consider Farming as Profitable Business Venture


Choose Your Area

Agriculture is wide and offers something for everyone. From livestock farming to growing cash crops you can take your pick. Imagine if you owned a herd of cattle. What difference will that make to your life? What if you owned a plantain and banana plantation?

What’s amazing is the fact that if you are educated that’s the more reason you should venture into farming. With your education, you can bring better practices and an educated approach to the profession. You can co-ordinate other workers to get more done. This will lead to higher yields and bigger harvests.

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The Market is Always There

The fact that people always need food means the market is always there for your products.  Engaging in the agric business can therefore become very lucrative. You may need to quit looking at agriculture as a profession for the old or uneducated. You get exactly what you put in. When you bring in superior knowledge and practices, you produce more and will grow over time.

With an increase in both human consumption as a result of population growth and industrial demands, it’s only a matter of time before you be in the big leagues. But it all begins with the decision to emrace farming as a profitable business venture.