7 Places to Visit in Ghana for Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a practice observed by newly wedded couple to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Now a day a lot of honeymoons are celebrated in faraway places considered to be romantic and worthwhile.

It is usually the time when newly wedded couples can slip away from the madness and fuss of this world. You can hide out and be in intimacy with that person who will share your joys and sorrows throughout life in a special environment. Honeymoons are meant to be romantic, unique and exciting. This is always a good beginning in the life of two people. These memories should inspire the union and strengthen the love.

Going on a honeymoon is one of the most important components of all marriages due to the opportunity the couple will have to relax after the excitingly exhausting wedding ceremonies, to satisfy each other physically and sexually, to celebrate the beginning of a journey together and to establish physical connection.

We usually have a lot of interesting choices in the world to make when having our honeymoons in mind. Be it as it may, everyone wants to choose something special for their honeymoons and get unforgettable memories. In Africa, there are numerous beautiful places where couples or partners can spend time together during their honeymoon.

Fortunately for us, there are some beautiful locations in Ghana that we can visit for our honeymoon if we do not have the luxury of traveling outside Africa for our honeymoon.

7 Places to Visit in Ghana for Honeymoon

1. Zaina Lodge

Zaina lodge is the best place that can be recommended for couples who enjoys safari. It is located in Northern Ghana at Mole National Park and looks out over seemingly endless savannah and two busy waterholes frequented by different species of animals. At Zaina Lodge, all the rooms are individual luxury tented chalets, complete with private balconies and indoor and outdoor showers for those who like to bathe under the stars. Here one can take a guided walking tour or vehicle Safari just steps from your front door. Relax at the infinity pool, outdoor bar fire pit, or restaurant and take in the sights.

2. Coconut Grove Beach Resort Hotel

This is another exciting place to visit in Ghana for honeymoon. This environment provides the best entertainments for couples to relax. Located in the Central Region of Ghana, Coconut grove is that edifice where couple can spend their romantic time. The beach resort offers something extremely different from our expectations. The Resort offers perfect variety of recreation and leisure facilities which include crocodile pond, swimming pool, a golf course and horse riding; the food is also very tasty and delicious. Bars and restaurants located around the resort is also a nice place to relax in the evening during your honeymoon.

3. Elmina Bay Resort

Located in a place called Elmina, this resort offers a lot of luxury services which makes it recommendable to newly wedded couples who will need private moments for themselves. The services they offer include the following: Table tennis and volleyball, air conditioners, amazing swimming pool, sea-view balcony, good Beach-Side Bar and En-suite bathrooms and many other nice services.

4. Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm

7 Places to Visit in Ghana for Honeymoon

A place where newly wedded couple can find satisfaction during their honeymoon, to visit this place, you need to get to the Sogakope in the Volta Region, a relaxation place that offers rejuvenations such as sport activities, spa and massaging. Here, you can feed different animals with your hands. This is a perfect place for anyone who enjoy to spend time outdoors. Highly recommended for newlywed couple.

5. Aqua Safari

Aqua Safari provides a calm getaway for our relaxation. Located in Big Ada, about an hour and half drive from Accra. Guests are treated to a lot of water based activities including a cruise on the lake. This place also offers free WiFi and parking, breakfast included, air conditioners, sea facing rooms, luxury swimming pools and so on.

6. Busua Beach Resort

Another nice place to visit in Ghana. It is location is in Busua Township about 30 minutes drive from the Western Regional Capital Takoradi. A favorable place not for couples alone but for the entire family to visit on vacations.

7. The Royal Senchi

Located in Akosombo, close to Atimpoku. It is Ghana’s first 4 star resort in the Eastern region. They offer a lot of activities and services including boat cruise and massage. It has a beautiful complex right next to the Volta River. Though some tourists complain about the distance between the hotel and the airport, this insignificant disadvantage is nothing in comparison with all its benefits.