Top List Of Best Paid Jobs In Nigeria

A job is anything someone does regularly in exchange for money. let’s use this definition as a standard definition even as we research and create a top list of best-paid jobs in Nigeria. some of these jobs have little or no entry barrier while others are very delicate and require years upon years of training. Below is the top list of best-paid jobs in Nigeria.


Top List Of Best Paid Jobs In Nigeria

Entertainment Jobs

In Nigeria Entertaining is perhaps the highest paying job. apart from business owners and entrepreneurs. Entertainers earn more than most other Nigerians.

Just in less than 2 hours, Entertainers are known to earn what individuals with other jobs earn in a whole year. entertainers do not have a fixed income While other jobs have a fixed price per year or per month. The income of an entertainer is primarily based on relevance at the time under consideration.


Acting Jobs

The third biggest movie industry in the world is Nollywood just behind Hollywood and Bollywood. This movies industry is known to release movies in their hundreds annually. This leads to very high returns which translates to a lot of cash for those involved in acting.

though not all the actor enjoys the fortune associated with Nollywood, the top actors in this industry always smile to the bank.


Flying Jobs

one of the most paying jobs in Nigeria is the job of a Pilot. There is a lot involved in the job of flying a plane. that is the reason skill level pilot is needed, and a very fat sum of amount is paid. Between N500, 000 to N1.5 million naira is earned per month by Pilots in Nigeria. The payment depends on the level of the pilot and the airline.


Sailing Jobs

The sailing job is one of the best-paid jobs in Nigeria. moving a ship is not child’s play. A minor accident could be fatal, that is one reason sailors earn a lot. sailing a ship is not something that is taught in lots of Nigerian universities. That is why supply for sailors relatively less than the demand for them.


Legal Profession

This is one of the noblest professions. though many people do not consider it a very lucrative profession, it is one of the most lucrative in Nigeria. Initially, not much money can be made by practicing law in Nigeria. Hence, with an increase in knowledge and profile. One is certain to make quite the amount that is considered good enough to make one rich.



The job of a pharmacist is very common and well known to most Nigerians. Lots of individuals get sick every day and have to visit the doctor who ends up sending them to the pharmacist. While some folks believe the job of a pharmacist ends at this, there is much more to the job of a pharmacist.

Pharmacist earn almost as well as doctors and continue having an increase in salary as they get older



This is a job mostly done by women. If you are not interested in taking care of people, then this job is clearly not for you. After medicine and Pharmacy, nursing is the most respected profession in the medical field.

Just some decades ago, there were not many graduate nurses in Nigeria. Well, that is no longer the case as Nigeria universities now award degrees to nurses. At the entry level, nurses might not earn very much. However, as they grow in rank and experience their pay increases. This is in addition to the job security associated with this job.

Very senior nurses are known to earn up to N400, 000 per month