The chrome web store has a lot of games that has been discovered for you by taking time to dug through them and unraveled some gems.
We’ve got cool games for you, be it Zen puzzles, casual fun, arcade-style multiplayer action, interesting art or rich 3D graphics.
One of the ways of being in a happy mood has been via games and one can get all the free games ever wanted right in chrome by a simple download and can be played in a new tab, choosing a game of your his is choice out of the over a hundred games.
Every user wants a well-made game that is fast and challenging. And this is available in Chrome.
Some games are full applications that use Google’s Native Client to deliver rich 3D graphics or HTML 5 for offline support, while some are little more than links to flash games on.
We will now take a look at some of the exciting chrome games that you can play online.
1. Angry Birds
This I can say is one of the most popular games on chrome with over 10 million users. The game on its own has catapulted itself to stardom in few year due to its separate piece of software. It will be incomplete to list out chrome games without mentioning Angry birds. Made of five different worlds and full offline support, it is an excellent version of Angry bird.
Ever wondered why the game is great? It is due to it’s lightening fast animations, multiple levels and you can take out your aggression by mouse-clicking and be targeting different obstacle courses, killing the pigs.
2. Monster Dash
It is a great game from lauded game developers at Halfbrick that is full of retro vibes.
The game is really fast and offers interesting backgrounds as Barry time-travels to kill the monsters, it also has super easy two-button control, spacebar to jump, right arrow to shoot, making it playable for anyone interested in giving their hands a break.
3. Bastion
Being regarded as one of the most impressive games on the Chrome Web Store. Bastion was initially developed as a PC game. It was ported to use to Chrome using Native Client, and it still retains the rich graphics and experience of a PC game.
Bastion game has some of the richest graphics, hand-painted artwork, found in any other game for Chrome, it has hack-and-slash gameplay with rich graphics, a surreal environment and a fully-voiced narrator.
Though the game is not completely free, it requires serious players to pay if they want to finish the game but the first fifteen minutes, complete with a bar brawl, boss fight and floating city collapsing around you, are free.
Despite the fact that Bastion, this RPG. The soundtrack is also critically acclaimed. Bastion has won several awards too and offers 40 different levels.
4. Fieldrunners
This games Bright HD graphics makes it addictive and quite fun to play. The purpose of this game is to defeat the bad guys trying to break into your tower, and there are 12 towers to choose from.
Though it’s been a few years back since Fieldrunners was chosen as one of the Top games of 2008, it’s not surprising that it still remains one of the most popular chrome game application.
5. Realm Of The Mad God
Realm of the Mad God is a fast-paced, massively multiplayer online chrome game where you run around on a large map and shoot things with other people. It is an extremely addictive game and compulsive game with excellent procrastination tools. One unique thing about the game is its permanent character death which one will die and lose its character forever.
6. Little Alchemy
With over 360 elements in it, the game is packed with science flair and can be played offline, which is not the case for most other chrome games.
The game lends itself a great deal of gameplay and replays quite well.
It is great game with over a million users, also with a four basic element base, leaving up to you to mix and match them via a drag-and-drop process to discover other elements.
7. Entanglement
For those who enjoy competing in an online environment, Entanglement will likely be your next most preferred online chrome games, with over 6 million users, you can easily imagine that it’s going to be a great game. It is a puzzle game that is slick and HTML based, complete with Zen-like relaxing music, Entanglement is so good a game that Google once shipped it with Chrome by default. When played, what you see is a beautiful puzzle board, also known as tiles, and what you do is put together the longest path possible.
8. ImmorTall
ImmorTall is more of an art game and is quite different from other games. In ImmorTall, It only takes a few minutes to play and it’s worth your time. Here, you play an alien that lands on Earth and has its first contact with humanity. It is almost guaranteed to provoke an emotional reaction.
9. BeGone
If shooter multi-player games is your kind of game then BeGone for Chrome is one of the best out there for you. Everything about the game is real, ranging from the theme, graphics and maps. Each game is timed, giving it a more competitive edge.
When played, you either join a team or face off each other one by one.
Some features of the game include Cool weapon attachments, a cash-based economy among players and a clan system.
10. Canabalt
Canabalt is a simple game with a single jump button. An extremely popular game as at when it was first introduced, and it’s now on the Chrome Web Store. The goal of the game is to see how far you can make it before you slip and fall.