Top 10 TV Stations in Nigeria

Television has been the rock of entertainment in our modern society today. Its feeds us with News , entertainment and significantly more information around the globe. Below is the list of the Top 10 TV stations in Nigeria in which you are certain of getting valuable information, news and entertainment. They are:

  1. Channels TV 

Channels TV is listed as number one best TV station in Nigeria established in 1996 by John Momoh. It is a communicated station that focuses basically on news. It has a program called Politics Today. This program is normally handled by a candid individual who can ask the critical and prevalent questions about the slanting issues in the nation. Most questions are relevant as they have a tendency to stand up to the principle issues influencing the nation. This program brings about workmanship and culture in an inventive way. Various people from across the globe are normally welcomed to display their masterful abilities in videos.

  1. TVC NEWS 

This has made it clear that the TVC News has procured new innovation for worldwide reach. It can likewise be called Nigerian CNN. It’s extremely extraordinary compared to other TV stations in Nigeria. It is likewise a narrative channel. It is a flawless station if you need to comprehend what happens in the outside world. It likewise includes distinctive programs where certain questionable and drifting issues are examined to bring about the development that would influence the country positively. It is rated as the fifth most viewed TV station in Nigeria.

  1. African Independent Television (AIT) 

Top 10 TV Stations in Nigeria

It is the second biggest business telecom company in Nigeria. Its programs include; National News, global news, sport news, tourism views, culture shows and other programs include informative and educative news. It even features cartoon videos that could entertain your children. Parents and children do also benefit from cartoon programs. AIT feeds two classes of people: the people who discover any type of news and the people who love to tune in to news including films at a particular time and furthermore by communicating news at another particular time. AIT is one of the best TV stations in Nigeria.

  1. NTA News (Nigeria Television Authority) 

It is the Africans biggest TV Network. It centers primarily around news whether national, international, or sports news. The well-known Network News always shows its national news at every day. They also include different programs that likewise discuss the way of life of other ethnic groups and furthermore about national issues. Aside from this, they also have engaging programs like the popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire show, the Village Headmaster program, Super story program and host of others. NTA has offices everywhere throughout the nation, therefore making it simple for a common man to access the inclining issues in the nation.

  1. GALAXY  TV 

GALAXY TV is one of the best TV stations in Nigeria. Its programs go from games to entertainment to national news to international news and videos. They have a program called Editors Forum which paves ways for writers/editors to talk about slanting national issues, set motivation for open talk and for the administration. This program is for legislative. It comes up on Saturdays 1:30 to 4pm and it is best watch with family and friends who also loves discussing issues influencing this problem. They likewise have Galaxy Party time which is a two-hour melodic program that cuts over all categories of music. The show starts from Monday to Friday, 2-4pm and Saturday 12 midnight, making it simple to party in your home.


This is likewise an indigenous TV channel which shows national news, global news, sports news, entertainment news, music, recordings, and different programs that verge on regular basis. Aside from this, Silverbird is loaded with varieties of TV shows, and tends to consolidate each part of life in their programs. It also features certain religious shows like sermons from Pastors and gospel music recordings. Silverbird joins both the genuine and perky programs it focuses on national news and talks on national issues and in the meantime, it highlights comic hosted by different comedians.

Top 10 TV Stations in Nigeria
Top 10 TV Stations in Nigeria

It is a Family Entertainment Television. Wazobia TV is one of those channels that a common Nigerian family can identify with. It features programs in which a common Nigerian would find it interesting to watch and do away with worries of life. The Night shows on Wazobia TV are a funny show that tends to national issues from a hilarious point of view. It also works in the pidgin dialect which makes it more exceptional. Do you have a hypertensive patient in your home? Tune in to Wazobia TV constantly, and let the best drug which is chuckling do its work.


This is another TV station known for showing films by famous performers  and characters. Africa Magic is on the number 8th position of the Top 10 TV stations in Nigeria. It takes Nollywood and Africa to a huge degree. Companies and government tune in to Africa Magic to engage their customers or patients, particularly when they are in the holding up room.

  1. WAP TV 

W.A.P is an acronym for Wale Adenuga Productions-the originator of the channel and the maker of the Super story program. The program is typically known for quality and educative stories. The WAP TV is known for its production of Super story, This Life, Nnenna and friends, Papa Ajasco and friends and host of others. The stories verge on issues in the general public and family life. Nnenna and friends is an educative program for our children which can enable them to grow mentally.


This is a music TV Station, they play well known and drifting playlists of music, and they also do the top 10 songs for the week or play tunes from the most popular artiste, which could be nationwide or interbnational. Soundcity promotes Nigeria musicians. You don’t need to go to club houses before you can have a good time, soundcity television is a Music based Television Station that must be watched on DSTV.