Best Holographic Smartphones (Best Users Reviews)

Whenever the name ‘Holographic Smartphone’ is mentioned, RED Holographic Smartphone is what goes into the minds of people. When RED announced last year that they’d be producing a smartphone, skeptics were incredulous.

How, they wondered, could a high-performance camera company known for its starkly utilitarian designs possibly appeal in a market full of sleek copycats?

The best of android devices is still yet to come. With the technological advances in the world of mobile devices, it is now clear that mobile phones are not just for the purpose of making calls only anymore but they have come to stay as what the world used to perceive as the future of technology in a multi-dimensional system.

Best Holographic Smartphones (Best Users Reviews)
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The RED Hydrogen One, as it is called, has been one of the most searched for mobile device because of its 4V holographic display. Its unfortunate that pictures of it are deficient. Due to this reason, 4V has been suffering of lack of content to display to the public.

In an effort to overcome this, Red announced the creation of the Hydrogen Network, a service to share and view content created for—or adapted to—4V display.


Best Holographic Smartphones (Best Users Reviews)
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This new technology has triggered a lot of questions from the four corners of the world, like why introduce a smartphone with 4V rather than camera?

RED has birthed this vision for quite sometime now.

The Hydrogen One, according to RED’s CEO Jim Jannard, is just the introduction of what the future held and what would be rampant in a short period of time. He also added that it is the “foundation” for what could become a much larger modular set of media creation tools.

To that end, it’s equipped with pogo pins fit for lens mounts and other equipment, while Jannard teases collaborations with Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Leica, and others.

An Investment in the Future

Best Holographic Smartphones (Best Users Reviews)
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Investment in the Hydrogen One is less a smartphone purchase than an investment in RED and what they will do going forward in the realm of media creation. Given their past success, it’s not a bad bet.

Buying a Hydrogen One is far resourceful than buying RED due to media creation.

However, be ready for the drawbacks of going with a first-time phone maker: roughshod design, slightly slower processing, and a higher price tag.

Conclusively, the Hydrogen One is fantastic smartphone especially for those who are freaked with photography and cinemas. But be informed that the price tag will scare you away.