Smart Keybox 2: When and Where To Use It

A Smart Keybox is basically a mini safe or lockbox, used as a safe storage space for cards, keys and the like for easy recovery.

Alteration of doors is not necessary as the igloohome Smart Keybox is capable of shackling onto firm structures or fixed on a wall. Smart lockboxes are definitely more convenient compared to the conventional lockboxes. Smart Keybox is used best when access is need to grant shared space.

The Smart Keybox 2

Recently, a definite upgrade Smart Keybox 2 has been released from the predecessor.

Smart Keybox is a must-have tool for rental service provider, property owners and property managers of shared spaces, the Smart Keybox 2 ensures that key exchanges are a hassle-free experience.

Smart Keybox 2: When and Where To Use It
Image Credit: Igloohome

The latest version of Smart Keybox comes with dual shackles for proper versatility. It can be shackled onto doorknob or handles, the two shackle sizes enables the Smart Keybox 2 to fit so many firm structures, it also has elements with improved resistance. i.e IP65 certified, the Smart Keybox 2 has what it takes to withstand any weather condition be it light rain and dust. Its durability and resistance to impact due to its improved hardened carbon steel material.

Just like the first version, the Smart Keybox 2 can be unlocked using Bluetooth keys or PIN codes. With the accompanying igloohome app, remote access can be granted.

Now let’s take a quick look at where the Smart Keybox 2 can be used.

The Smart Keybox 2 can be used to manage shared spaces. As earlier discussed, the sharing economy is on the high, ranging from offices to homes, and even bicycles, the Smart Keybox 2 has so many uses.

A lot of people share the same apartment and office space, this sometimes causes a lot of confusion and headache for the access to be managed by the property managers. The Smart Keybox 2 has come to the rescue as it has been a great solution and integration to the said shared spaces.

Let go of the idea of issuing physical keys to various people at all times, simply leave the keys inside the Keybox 2. Those with approved access are able to retrieve the keys with their unique PIN code or Bluetooth keys when they need it. Using the Keybox 2 is a breeze, as it is intuitive and convenient. With these, property managers are able to track who has unlocked the Keybox 2 with access logs too.

To avoid pesky shift handovers

This is a nightmare which no body would want to experience.

Normally, anybody handling the closing shift (night shift) will definitely have to do the following morning’s shift too because the staff has to wait for the person handling the next shift to come Or even make a trip down just to hand over the keys to the door. Or have you found yourself waiting outside the store because a colleague with the key was late?

The Keybox 2 resolves this pesky issue, this happens by fixing the Keybox 2 onto a wall next to shop’s main entrance, with the keys inside. This process leads to increased flexibility when it comes to scheduling and greater of employee work shift to ensure work efficiency. Smart Keybox 2 is win-win for everyone and organization.

Where Keybox can be placed.

One thing is certain, and that is the assurance that with the smart Keybox 2, ones items are safe without the need for alteration of the door. Below are the list of few places the Keybox 2 shackles can be mounted.


This is best for rental service providers.

Metal Gates
This is most suitable for homes, especially in southern Asia.