How to Start Fashion Designing School in Nigeria

Overview of fashion designing school in Nigeria

Do you want to start a fashion designing school in Nigeria? The Nigerian fashion industry is growing and is currently paying out millions of naira to many fashion designers. The fashion industry is a multi-billion naira industry which boasts of having one of the best fashion designers in the African continent.

If you are creative and skillful with your hands, you can decide to start up a fashion designing school or  business and make a profit from it. Unlike  Boutique Business in Nigeria, Fashion designing business is less cumbersome and relatively easier to start.

What Is a Fashion Designing School?

A fashion designing school does not necessarily mean a fashion design business which is composed of a fashion designer and his associates. A fashion designing school is a training center that teaches fashion enthusiasts on the rudiments and ethics of fashion designing. A fashion designing school is a tutorial center for people to get knowledge about the fashion designing business.

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Why Should You Start A Fashion Designing School

  1. Profitability

You can start up a fashion designing school to make money for yourself. Fashion designing is a profitable venture which any entrepreneur and business owner should be interested in venturing into.

On a good day, small-scale fashion designers make N150,000 weekly. How about having an academy that will teach people how they can make money from a fashion design business. This means that you are able to make money whenever you teach and mentor them on how they can start your own fashion design business.

  1. To Create A Brand

You should start your own fashion school to create a brand for yourself. If you re able to create a training institute which tutors people on the fashion design business, you will be able to create a good name for yourself.

  1. To Empower People

Creating a fashion designing school gives you the opportunity of empowering and teaching people on how they can successfully start their own fashion business just as you have started your own.

The more you are able to train successful persons, the more your fashion training institute will grow because it will be known for training fashion professionals,thereby creating a long lasting business.

  1. To Promote Good Designs

Lastly, creating a fashion design school gives you the privilege of promoting good designs you have to the world. You can decide to target a local audience, a foreign audience or a global audience. Whatever audience you wish to target allows you to promote your designs and that of your students.

How To Start A Fashion Design School

how to start fashion business in nigeria

By starting a fashion design school, you are not just expected to come up with a training institute and start training people. You are expected to have been successful in the fashion industry.

Also, even if you are not an expert or a professional fashion designer, it is expected of you to have an in-depth knowledge of how the fashion industry works.

You can decide to also employ the services of teacher, tutors and resource persons who would be lecturing in your fashion design school.

Basic Equipment For Fashion Design

1. Tape Rule:  A tape rule is needed. The measuring tape is used to  accurately measure the  size of the material. For example you will need to  measure your client’s waist size, hip size, full length and  so on. How to measure your client accurately is part of what you will be taught at the training institute.

2. Two to Three Pairs of Scissors: This is used for cutting clothes into different shapes and size.

3. Threads: In order to be successful,you will need to buy different colors of thread, the thread is mainly used with needles to sew clothes.

4. Needles: Needles are used with thread to sew clothes in order to achieve desired results

5. Pair of Chairs: You need chairs for yourself and your customers to sit on.

6. Table: You need table of different sizes for cutting clothes into varying sizes.

7. A Complete Set Of Sewing Machine: The sewing machine is used to join pieces of clothes together.

8. A Weaving Machine: You need this machine to perfect your sewing, this perfection makes your sewing very neat.

9. Embroidery Machine: An embroidery machine is used to make designs on clothes.

10. Generator: A generator set of about 10-15 K.V.A to power your equipment when there is power failure.

You can decide to fix and hold different classes and courses in fashion designing.

With these tips, you should be ready to start and begin your own fashion design business. We would love to hear about your story or challenges which you have to share.

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