Key Features That Makes Your SMS Marketing More Powerful

Some Features That Makes Your SMS Marketing More Powerful

SMS marketing is one pivotal marketing tool that remains indispensable. Marketing through SMS was there when digital marketing was at its inception, and it is still there when digital marketing is evolving every single day. The difference is only in the fact that SMS based marketing is also evolving with the changing marketing trends. Once the text messages for ads and awareness didn’t contain any link. Placing links was not the trend at that time when there was no surety if the receiver will have an internet connection with the mobile set or not. Now the age is of smartphones. There will rarely be any mobile phone on earth without internet connectivity.Here is How to Send Unlimited Text Messages on MTN without Being Charged. Therefore, SMS marketing depends on link sharing too.

That is why things also have evolved. In this way, many things have changed for the ease of the marketer and for the ease of the customer or receivers too. And if you look closely into what you would need for your SMS marketing, you must understand the need for this changing trend.

These days SMSs for marketing contains links inside in many cases. The links take the reader to the website of the marketer. The link may take to one product page, or some multi-product page, or some subscription page, or app download page too. But how the user is reacting to that SMS can only be understood on following the link tracking system which only advanced SMS marketing services offer with their software. Link tracking, just like understanding marketing and user behavior in mainstream online browsing, in this case, helps the text messaging marketing analysis too.

If the link usage is followed, it can be understood if at all the user followed the link or not, and if at all the user used the link to purchase the service or product or subscribe to any service, etc. or not. And this kind of tracking is possible through advanced software system offered by the best text message sending and marketing solutions. And that is what you must also be looking for while finding one service.

Some Features That Makes Your SMS Marketing More Powerful

URL tracking gives your text message marketing the right direction you need. Depending on the results of the tracking, you can decide the course of the action. If a URL is visited more, you realize that the SMS is triggering enough reactions. If the page gets many hits and yet no sales, then you realize that the problem is not with marketing but with your sales funnel online. And then there are many more metrics which gives you insight into more detailed user and reader behavior. This helps you understand how people are looking at your marketing efforts and product.

And hence, this kind of tracking tells you how much you need to improve or maintain your marketing style and strategy. Information like user age, sex, background, preference, location and all can be collected in the datasheet, and these all help in better marketing planning for the future.

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Shortcodes are to help you quickly send and receive messages as a business while using the service of an SMS marketing software solution like SimpleTexting. Shortcodes make your business a brand soon and helps spread awareness soon. That’s because due to the code you’re messaging gets quicker, and easier, and can be managed with more ease. You can get a dedicated short code if you have that much of text message volume. Else there are shared short codes too, which acts as good at the beginning of a business as you gradually grow.

If you want an SMS marketing account, with access granted to multiple users, then you can feel much sorted in doing your brand’s promotion. SMS marketing can be demanding. You may need to give them access to many users in your business so that SMS marketing can be carried on without any hitch and from multiple locations through this account. Normally in a well-spread business, the job is spread among users. Not one person is in charge of taking care of the account. Many people often login, and manage marketing from time to time. Hence multi-user login through the same account with some restricted access to users is a good feature that you may get from advanced SMS marketing services.

This is another crucial factor which decides the quality of service. You are planning to send SMS, and when you try to send them you see the service is down, and then this can be a setback for the marketing campaign. Also if you schedule messages for delivery at a later date and time and at that particular time period the service goes down, your campaign fails and messages do not get sent. This creates pandemonium and confusion and must be avoided at any cost by carefully choosing a service which guarantees uptime with an assurance percentage of 99%.

The quality of service of the text messaging service is decided by a few crucial factors, among them one is supported. If you are looking for a service, where you will not just get the usual support but in fact a dedicated assistance manager for your business account, then you will feel much secured, pampered, and cared with by the service. And that is what high-quality services try to provide to their customers. You too can get such service from reputed text message marketing solutions.


There are many SMS marketing services with different facilities and features. But what suits you the most must be thought and decided by you after a thorough study of their offered services. And that is why you must talk to them and know about every detail. Else disappointment is felt at the time of using services which not just puts your membership money at stake, but also disturbs your next marketing campaign in some way. SMS marketing gets even more powerful when your service provider is good.