Step by Step process of Cardboard Recycling

Have you ask yourself the meaning of cardboard recycling? Do you know what it means? It simply refers to material to be recycled and reused for another purpose.Well, in this post, you will get to know the meaning of cardboard recycling, the advantages of cardboard recycling, why people should recycle cardboard and Step by Step process of Cardboard Recycling

What is a Cardboard and What is Cardboard Recycling?

Cardboard refers to a corrugated POROUS material which can be recycled and used by large and small-scale businesses to save money and cut expenses on waste disposal.

On the other hand, cardboard recycling refers to the process and act of reusing and reprocessing thin sheets or papers which has already been used and said to be a waste. Cardboard boxes are thought sheets of paper which are known for their hardness and durability. Good examples of cardboard include egg cartons, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, packaging boxes etc.

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Advantages of Cardboard Recycling

Recycling is very important and essential in our daily lives. Recycling materials help us by saving and protecting our surroundings from environmental pollution. Also, cardboard recycling helps to provide jobs for people into reusing the material which they picked to make something productive and innovative.

Lastly, cardboard recycling helps to save money on expenses and costs. For cardboard to be made, a lot of trees will have to be chopped. But when it is recycled, a lot of costs and expenses are saved. It is easier to recycle a cardboard than to produce it from scratch.

Step by Step process of Cardboard Recycling

  1. Collection

This is the first step in the process of cardboard recycling. In this case, recyclers collect waste cardboard material at cardboard collection points such as scrap yards, waste bins, stores, roads. After collection, the cardboard are carried off to recycling facilities like paper mills for recycling.

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  1. Sorting

At this point, the cardboard are sorted in a like manner, according to how they were made. Sorting is essential because different paper mills manufacture and produce cardboard of different grades and quality. This is why it is important for cardboard to be sorted after collection.

  1. Shredding and Pulping

The next action that comes after sorting is shredding and pulping. Shredding is done to allow the cardboard paper into small pieces.  After it has been broken into pieces, it will be mixed with some chemicals and water to make it turn into a slurry substance.

  1. Filtering, conterminal removal, and De-Inking

The pulpy material will be filtered to remove impurities like strings, hair, glue etc. After that, it goes into a chamber where plastics and metals are removed through a centrifuge-like process.

De-inking is a process that involves the putting of pulp in flotation device made up of chemical substances to remove any form of dyes or ink.

  1. Finishing for reuse

This is the final stage of cardboard recycling. As the pulp dries up, it will be passed and put on a flat conveyor belt.

Here comes the end of this article. This is all you need to know about cardboard recycling and why you should recycle cardboard and other recyclable materials like bottles, batteries etc. Feel free to comment and let us have to know what you think about it.