5 environmental apps you should start using today to save our future

Ask a flood victim or bushfire victim or drought victim; our world has only two types of people. People who are eco-friendly and people who aren’t! 

If you are not among the eco-friendly people, hope these latest climate change news make you realize where we are standing and what is the future of our kids.  And most importantly, hope it will make you realize why you turning into an eco-friendly person is a big deal for entire mankind!

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And if you are among the eco-friendly people, everyone living on this planet earth should be thankful to you. You are contributing to saving the earth and the human race by not choosing the most luxurious yet environmentally harmful lifestyle. 

However, being the top mobile app development company, we have a hack which lets you keep sustaining the environment and living a life you desire at the same time. You can use these apps listed in this blog. These apps enable you to save the environment without costing any major thing.   

Use these environmental apps as the climate change solution and contribute to a better tomorrow 

Following is the list of the eco-friendly apps which you have to start using today to give your kids a better place to live. 

  1. BlaBlaCar 

Cars are the major source of greenhouse gases which are very harmful to the environment. A typical passenger car emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.  Which means if you and your co-worker use the single car for the commute, you can save almost 4.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide entering into the atmosphere and harming our environment. 

BlaBlaCar is the car-pooling app which helps you find all nearby people to share your commute with. The output of such a small act is very significant. You can reduce the traffic, emissions, and even the cost. 

Here is how BlaBlaCar app works: car owners who are planning a journey put the ride details on the app along with the price. Any other person travelling on the same route can book the ride and be the co-traveller. 

2. CityMapper 

It is public knowledge that public transportation is much safer and cheaper than driving own car. However, the only reason people choose the car over public transportation is time flexibility. A car gives you the freedom to roam around during your preferred time, but a metro link bus or train doesn’t. 

However, with a little bit of early planning and an app called CityMapper, you can successfully overcome those 2 limitations of public transportation. Citymapper is the most popular transport and direction app which shows you the station information along with public transportation details and ETA. You can also track metro link buses, trams, metro in real-time. 

You can get easy access to public transportation in almost 39 cities where CityMapper works. The best feature of the CityMapper app is that it scans all options to travel and then suggests you the best suitable options including bicycle, Uber, metro, rail and buses. 

3. Bird 

Even in 2020, many cities lack the last-mile connectivity and so, people either have to walk to the nearest bus or metro station or drive the car. And generally, people choose the latter. 

However, in many European cities and American cities, tiny and eco-friendly e-scooters have successfully solved the last-mile connectivity problem.  The first wave of the e-scooter has hit the USA when the Santa-Monica-based micro-mobility startup deployed e-scooters in the year 2017. Soo, looking at the success of the Bird, many micro-mobility startups have opted for e-scooter app development companies and develop groundbreaking e-scooter apps. 

Bird is the top e-scooter rental app which allows people to discover the nearest e-scooters, rents the e-scooter and pays the fare seamlessly from the app.  And it costs only $10 to unlock the e-scooter and 20-30 cents per minute of riding. 


#Climate is the revolutionary app which is built to spread the awareness of climate change and what we can do to not let situations get out of our hands. The apps unite vital climate-saving solutions from the leading climate organizations with the most thoughtful influencers. When you first time opens the app, the app asks you to build the profile by selecting your preferred topics.  Based on your preferred topics, the app shows you the actions plans and blogs. You can select any action plan to learn more about it. The app also enables you to share action plans easily on several social media accounts. 

5. GoodGuide 

To assemble affordable products, we humans are using harmful raw materials which affect the environment very badly. In order to save our environment, we have to force manufacturers to not assemble products out of harmful materials and for that, we have to choose more eco-friendly products. 

There is an app called GoodGuide which helps users find and explore safe, healthy, and green products. The best part of the app is that every product listed on the app is verified by GoodGuide’s scientists who rate products for health, environmental impact,  and social impact. They have rated over 75000 products. For better discovery, products are listed in three different categories – personal care, household and babies & kids. 

The app is equipped with a very revolutionary feature which lets you scan the barcode printed on the product to see its rating given by the GoodGuide’s scientists. 

In the nutshell: 

Whether you believe it or not, our home, Earth, is in danger and it will soon be the inhabited place. In order to not experience the apocalypse, a sudden action from all individuals is required. Even as little action as saving a few drops of water can give a chance to our upcoming generations to live and sustain.  You can even use some environmental apps to magnify your efforts while you causing trouble to your current lifestyle. The apps which we have discussed in this blog may serve different purposes, but those all apps have similar features which we can utilize to fight against climate change. We now don’t have any choice left!