Ranking of the biggest companies in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small European country, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. It’s mostly rural, with dense Ardennes forest and nature parks in the north, rocky gorges of the Mullerthal region in the east and the Moselle river valley in the southeast. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is famed for its fortified medieval old town perched on sheer cliffs.
The Capital of Luxembourg  is Luxemburg City  with  a Population of 590,667 (Jan 2017).

Have you have just arrived in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in order to establish your habitual residence there? Do you consider settling there? On the following pages, you’ll find help regarding the administrative procedures to be dealt with.

For further,precise and efficient guidance, kindly visit the Citizens’ Portal, the administrative guide of the Luxembourg state, and find online all information and action to be taken by newcomers. The Citizens’ Portal enables you, for example, to download forms and carry out administrative procedures electronically.

This post is focused on the Ranking of the biggest companies according to their turnover – Luxembourg by Forbes

Global RankCompanySales
Market Value
892RTL Group7.70.810.411.5
928Espirito Santo Financial8.70.4114.51.4
1405Millicom International4.


The Forbes Global 2000 is an annual list of the world’s 2000 largest publicly listed corporations. Below is a compilation of Luxembourger companies featured on the list in 2013.

The values on the list were last updated on May 2013. All figures are consolidated and in US dollars.

In total, there were 7 Luxembourger companies on the 2013 Forbes Global 2000 list. Collectively, the companies had a combined market value of $85 billion, with $285.8 billion in assets; generating $127.6 billion in revenues and $0.7 billion in profits.

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