Best Chinese Movies Free Download 2018

Chinese Movies Free Download. If you are looking for an internet recommendation for you to choose which Chinese movies to download and binge watch, we got you covered! In this article, we will be looking at the top ten best 2018 Chinese movies free download on your device now! These movies are all really interesting. Just go with your heart’s desire! The list is below;

1. Operation Red Sea

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This movie tops our list for the best movie in China for 2018 that you should highly consider downloading. The movie was released in February of 2018 and is of course, an action movie as you can deduce from the title. This movie produced and released in China is an anti terrorism action movie and is on the list of the highest grossing Chinese movies of all time.When talking about the best China movie to download, operation Red sea is your best catch.

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2. Detective Chinatown 2

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This movie makes our list. This is  unarguably one of my best china movies to watch. This 2 hours 20 minutes movie was released on the 16th day in February of 2018 to the Chinese audience. This movie is a mystery or action movie that is about a man called Qin, who has the task of locating the killer of the grandson of a Chinatown godfather in a detective contest for a large sum of money. The language spoken is Mandarin and it is a sequel to the earlier version released in 2015 called Detective Chinatown.

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3. Forever Young

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This movie was released in 2018 and it is worth your downloading effort. This 2 hours 30 minutes drama was released in January 12, 2018 and it stars Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming and so on. The film has been under production since 2012! It is the most purchased movie ticket in January 2018 in China and it is rightly so.

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4. Hello Mr Billionaire.

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This exceptionally rated china movie lasts for 1 hour 58 minutes and is rated highly by Google Users. This movie was released in July, 2018. This movie is based on a 1985 film called Brewster’s Millions and it stars Teng Shen, Vivian Sung, Yuan Chang, Yeming Zhang etc. This movie is of the Comedy genre that talks about a soccer league’s goalkeeper who is given the challenge of spending 1 billion in 30 days without owning any valuables at the end.

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5. Dying To Survive.

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This ultimately the best China movies without doubts, This movie recorded million on china box opening.This movie is of the Comedy Drama genre. It lasts for 1 hour 57 minutes and tells the story of a peddler called Cheng Young who starts dealing in drugs to help his father’s brain surgery. This movie is rated highly on, a whooping 8/10 on the site. It is the third highest grossing movie released in China in 2018!

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6. Us and Them

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This is a very beautiful romance movie from China! For the romance genre lovers, this movie is for you! It is rated a whooping 100% on! This movie was released in 2018 and it talks about a man and a woman who are from the same home town trying to make ends meet in Beijing. You would love it!

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7. Lobster Cop.

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This is undoubtably one of the best Chinese movie to download. The movie was released on June 22nd of 2018 and is an action, adventure and comedy film that talks about four police officers who open up a lobster restaurant as a means to catch a notorious drug dealer that they’ve been looking for, but their restaurant gets really popular in the process. This movie runs for 94 minutes and it stars Hua Liu, Qianyuan Wang, You Chou, Yunpeng Zhou and so on. You will love it!

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8. Xiao Mei.

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This movie too was released in 2018 and it is a mystery/suspense movie that runs for 95 minutes. The movie talks about Xiao Mei who goes missing, and arguuably one of the best Chinese movies free download between 2018 to 2019 so far. Nobody knows where she has gone to. This movie stars Cincinnati Jao, Kuan-Ting Liu, Chin-Ho Wu and so on. Xiao Mei should be on your list!

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9. Ash is Purest White.

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This movie released in May of 2018 in Cannes and in September in China. This movie is rated 100% on This tragic comedy film runs for 141 minutes and it stars Tao Zhao, Fan Liao, and so on. The film was directed and written both by Zhangke Jim who is a prominent film maker in China. Critics say, he has done a marvelous job in this movie as well. So, go on and download it!

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10. Go Brother!

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This is my Best Chinese Movie for Free Download, I dont know about you. This movie just like the like the title depicts is about a young teenage girl who desperately wants her brother (annoying) to go away because he cheats her a lot. She makes a birthday wish for him for him to be gone. This movie was released in 2018 and is a fantasy/comedy film that you will enjoy. Download it!

We hope you are able to make your best pick from the list of Chinese movies above. Pick the one that fits your favorite genre.