Top 10 Sites to Download Nigeria Films in 2019

Top Sites to Download Nigeria Films in 2019

Top Sites to Download Nigeria Films. Nigeria films has been propelling higher in the movie industry for a long time now. In fact, it’s been rated as the second largest movie industry in the world after Bollywood (India) by UNESCO.

Gone are the days when Nigerian movies used to be viewed only by Africans. Right now, the industry has grown to the point where foreigners all over the world enjoy the piece of dramas, actions, comedies etc made by the talented Nigerian actors and actresses. A large sum of money has also been invested in the industry to make it excel to this point. This is the key reason why thousands of Nigerian films are been circulated round the world on a daily basis.

Before, dropping a full list of top sites to download Nigerian Films, lets consider steps on How to download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV .

iRokoTV has been consistently putting smiles on the faces of movie lovers in Nigeria and by extension the African continent. iRokoTv is unarguably the biggest and largest African platform/domain for Nollywood movies, in addition, it is also the largest content provider for millions of people in Africa and all over the globe. It has an exceptionally barked database with latest Nigerian movies to instantly download and watch with ease together with the best actors and actresses in Nollywood, irrespective of the class or type of movie, be it comedy, drama or even a  horror movie.


How to download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to easily download the iRokoTV mobile app from Google play store, install and  and download Nigerian movies for free without stress:

=>Visit Google Play Store and search for “iRokoTV” When the app is found, click on it and hit “Install”

=>Open the iRokoTV app and click “I am a new member”with this you can easily signup without stress..

=>After doing that, select your country in the list of options provided and enter your phone number. This is undoubtably an easy means of verifying your details.

=>.Select “Continue” to proceed; you will receive a verification code which will be sent to your phone number.

=>Enter the verification code and click “Verify”; once this step is complete, you will be able to log into the iRokoTV application.

Image result for iroko tv

There are lots of features on the iRokoTv app, you will see a search menu bar at the top right hand side, search this section helps you find your favorite Nollywood movies.

All you have to do is select whatever you want to watch and enjoy.

=>The TV Series section is meant for watching and following your favorite TV series and other family programmes.

The Download  section is mainly for downloading Nigerian movies from iRokoTv, just click this option and you will get what you deserve.

Top Sites to Download Nigeria Films in 2019

Here is a full compiled list of Top 10 sites to Download Nigeria films in 2019. Nevertheless, some these sites even allow online streaming where you can even view Nigerian films directly online.

Note: you will need a sufficient amount of data to stream movies online.

Nigerian films are so interesting that some major and famous Hollywood actors find time to feature in most of the Nigerian films. There are a lot more to enjoy in Nigeria films across all the genres like action, comedies, adventure, drama etc.

Without much ado, below is the list of the Top 10 sites to Download Nigeria films in 2019.

  1. Ibaka Tv

This has got the number spot on our list because it is one of the world’s largest online catalog of Nollywood movies, with over 15,000 hours of incredible movie and TV content streamed on-demand. With iBaka Tv, you have the chance of downloading and watching movies offline and or streaming them online. You have a choice of paying the sum of just $7/month, to gain access to their vast catalog of movies from the comfort of your home or workplace, via an Internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile.

On the platform, you get to watch your favorite stars in the latest Nollywood movies, Ghana movies, Yoruba movies, musical videos, and comedy.


This is second to the first largest site to download Nigeria films in 2019. iRoko also supports online movie streaming but however, you can also download them to watch them offline as well. iRoko has got a lot of fans from every corner of the world, login in to their website to download movies. This is because iRoko will always upload quality and latest Nigerian films that most often are premiered in cinema even before they get to the general market.

Streaming Nollywood movies on irokotv is not limited to your computer, the site also has a mobile app for your android and ios devices.

3. TVNolly

Here is another top site to download Nigeria films. They also indulge in allowing users stream movies online as well. They showcase top Nigerian movies and other African movies to millions of viewers all round the globe.

This film downloading site has iBakatv and iRokotv to be its major competitors in world of movies download. They have employed top professionals who scout for top Nigerian and other African films to display on their website for the interest of viewers.

This film downloading site also features not only one category of Nollywood play, but other categories like the Nollywood movies, Yoruba Nollywood movies, and Igbo Nollywod movies.

When next you think of film downloading sites to download your favourite movies, don’t forget to visit TVNolly.

4. RealnollyTV

When you think of a site that has collections of films to download from, RealNollyTv is the deal. Most movies downloading sites features ads on their platforms making it user unfriendly for their visitors, but RealNollyTv is exceptionally different.

In RealNollyTV, there are no display ads on their platform. The platform is simple and has good page navigational arrangement. The most interesting part is that the site has the free and premium access for its users to select from. For as little as $6 a month. $12 dollar for three months, and $25 annually you have access to unlimited viewing over the internet to your device.

5. YouTube

If you want to watch the best of top Nigerian movie actors and actresses, the best place to download such movies is in YouTube. This is by far the one site you can have thousands and millions of Nigerian films from. On this platform, you can spot the top rated movies by looking at the upvotes by people and the bad rated movies by looking at the downvotes (thumb down) by people.

6. Nigeria Movie Network

This is not only a site where movies are uploaded for users to download but it also offers well articulated movie post for people to read through and update themselves in the world of movie.

Not only Nigerian movies are uploaded here, but Ghanaian movies can also be watched and downloaded here. It is a wonderful site to consider when searching for film downloading sites o download movies from.

Just visit this site and enjoy free Nigerian movies instantly on this website.

7. Video Moja

The Video Moja service is provided to you by VysilHq Network, a United States limited liability company, with its registered office located in Minnesota (United States).

It’s an awesome cable TV alternative for those who love to cut the cord at the cheapest possible rate.

The site has a collection of Nollywood HD movies, Nollywood romance movies, Nollywood Full Movies, Nollywood comedy movies, Nollywood action movies and many others.

It also has a welcoming dashboard that displays the latest, trending, and recommended movies based on your tastes.

8. Nigerian Nation

This is a Nigerian website where movie lovers can visit, read gist, stream Nollywood movies.

They showcase Nigerian actors and actresses and also promote networking among movie lovers.

To use this platform:

  • Log on to Nigeria Nation
  • Click on movies tab
  • Click on the movie of choice and it loads in a few seconds
  • Click on the play, pause and stop buttons on your screen to control it

Pretty easy. Why not try it out and give your feedback in the comments box.


9jadownload is a news and entertainment portal that covers all kinds of entertainment information that will keep you glued to your digital device.

Good enough, the site also has a catalog of free movies for fans of Nollywood movies.

10. Naijapals

Naijapals is a Nigerian Social Network that allows you to:
• Watch Nigerian Nollywood movies for FREE (no subscription)
• Discover and Download Latest Nigerian Music (Optimized for mobile phones)
• Meet Someone Special and Unique From Millions Of Our Members
• Catch up With Latest Celebrity & Politics News

Spot any of the above film downloading sites and download your favorite Nigerian films. Let us know your view in the comment section below.