Surprising Products You Didn’t Know You Could Order Online

Surprising Products You Didn’t Know You Could Order Online

The internet truly has changed almost all aspects of our lives. From the way we date, to the way we order clothes, to the way we spend our free time, the internet has paved the way into a new era. While many people know that they literally can buy just about anything online, most don’t understand that the word “anything” truly does mean anything and everything. Keep reading to learn about six surprising products you didn’t know you could order online. 

Live Ladybugs

Surprising Products You Didn't Know You Could Order Online
Image via Flickr by Caitlinator

You’ve probably spent many days picking ladybugs off your ceiling and furniture. These little bugs love making their way into our homes and often become a problem for some homeowners. But many people can’t get enough of these cute little creatures, so they go online and buy them. 


Did you know ladybugs are really good for gardens because they eat other bugs? Instead of spending $12 on a can of spray to keep plant-eating bugs out of your garden, you can go online and order live ladybugs for much less. Sprinkle them around your garden, and you have instant protection. 

Goat Grazing Service

Another interesting thing you can buy online is goat-grazing services. This can be purchased on Amazon, and many people use it for vegetation management purposes. It’s only available in select cities, so you’ll need to check to see if you live in a qualifying area.

Fat Replica

Fat replica is a product that is in high demand by teachers of science and nutrition. When you order this product  in online shopping sites, you’ll receive a product that’s exactly as its name implies — a replica of a pound of human fat. Not only does it look exactly like fat, but it also feels like it, too. 

Human Skull

Note that this product doesn’t come with the word “replica” at the end of its name. For about $2,000, you can order a real human skull. This is another product that serves as a great visual aid for teachers. Interested in other human bones? You can order them too!

Birth Control Pills

Don’t have time to go to the doctor but want birth control? There are several states that allow you to get a prescription for birth control through an online doctor. Talk about convenience! There are several types of birth control that you can order online, including mini contraceptive pills, such as Camila or Nora-Be. Even better, you can choose your brand, look at reviews from doctors, and even take advantage of free delivery of your first pack for free.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Paper

Everyone needs glow-in-the-dark toilet paper, right? Of course! Most people know they can order toilet paper online, but most don’t know it comes in a glow-in-the-dark version. This is a great way to entice your toddler to go to the potty, especially during the night when the lights are already out. This product doesn’t come cheap, though. You’ll be out about $9 per roll.


The internet is full of anything and everything you could ever imagine buying. Whether you’re in need of coyote urine, the services of a monk, or customized items, the internet has you covered.