How to Apply for Brazilian Visa in Nigeria| Study, Live and Work in Brazil

Do you wish to apply for a Brazilian visa?

Do you wish to travel to Brazil either for schooling, tourism, work or business as a Nigerian?

Do you seek for relevant information and answers for all your questions regarding what traveling to the largest South American country requires?

Worry no more because you’re at the right place and we’ve got you covered.

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About Brazil

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is a vast South American country popular for its beauty, busy beaches as well as its enormous, raucous carnival festivals, featuring parades, flamboyant costumes, and the famous samba rhythm and dance.

Just like it’s fellow South American country Colombia, Brazil is a country that has always been friendly to immigrants including Nigerians and in this article we will provide provide you with all the well detailed information you need.

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How to Apply for Brazilian Visa in Nigeria| Study, Live and Work in Brazil

Requirements for Applying for a Brazilian Visa

Applying for Brazil Visa in Nigeria is not as difficult as you may imagine. Due to uncountable number of traveling agents, potential travelers are usually petrified of applying for visa in the proper ways, which then leads to even making dreadful mistakes, but fortunately we are here to help you scale through with this guide.

For you to enter Brazil with the aim of studying you have to obtain a student visa. It is something you can do by yourself and you don’t need to pay anyone to help you with it. All you need is this informative guide you’re currently going through. At the end of the steps you will get to know all that is required and how you can go about it.

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Here are the documents you will be required to provide for a Brazil student visa:

  1. A valid International Passport
  2. Recent passport photographs with a white background
  3. A printed copy of your online visa application which is signed by you, bears your passport photograph, along with all other relevant documents
  4. Replicate of a letter of acceptance from an accepted Brazilian organization/Institution
  5. Bank statement of account showing availability of funds for the duration of your program in the country
  6. Certificate of incorporation (for business owners only)

Step by Step: How you can obtain a Brazil student visa

  1. Obtain an Admission/Acceptance letter from your intended school of study
  2. Fill the online visa application form on this page and upload all the documents that are requested
  3. You will need to print out another visa
    application form and complete it then proceed with it alongside other required documents to the Consulate General of Brazil in Nigeria
  4. Book a visa appointment by sending an email to the Consulate General of Brazil in Nigeria
  5. Go for the appointment on the scheduled date and with for the verdict on your Brazil visa application
  6. You can also locate the Brazilian embassy in Nigeria if you feel you need to apply in person

NOTE: Brazil Student visa in Nigeria costs N36,000 and if your documents need to be legalized, you will have to pay an additional N2,250 per document.

It takes up to 4 weeks to process a Brazil visa application, but it could take longer.

Why should YOU study in Brazil?

If this is the question going through your mind, we have listed FIVE solid reasons why studying in Brazil will be beneficial to you as a Nigerian

  1. High standards of education
  2. Affordable cost of acquiring education
  3. Advantage of learning the Portuguese language which is the official language used in Brazil
  4. Brazilians are friendly to foreigners
  5. No room for racial segregation

How to obtain permanent residency in Brazil?

Obtaining a permanent residency in Brazil can be quite though. This is based on the government policies due to the level of criminal activity in most parts of the country, but with the legitimate reasons you can be eligible for a ticket of permanent stay.

In October 2004 a new law was passed in Brazil whereby the fee for obtaining a permanent residency was lowered from US$ 200,000 to US$ 50,000. But this applies ONLY to applicants who satisfy the requirements established by the National Immigration Council, Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Labor in Brazil.

A permanent residency can be obtained through the following ways;

  1. By investing in a business – for example it could be in real estate such a rental apartment or it could be in an investment in a fish farm which is a fast growing industry in Brazil
  2. By marriage to a citizen or resident of Brazil
  3. By being an offspring of a Brazilian citizen or resident
  4. Being a high level specialist or researcher
  5. Being an officially retired foreigner capable of transferring the equivalent of at least R$6,000 every month

Further information can be found at the Brazilian Immigration.

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Useful security tips
As beautiful as the country is, Brazil is quite popular for it’s particular level of crime and an abundant amount of thugs and street urchins. Following these tips as a Nigerian citizen in Brazil will do a lot to ensure that you’re safe –

  1. Avoid unnecessary gatherings
  2. Always keep things cool and maintain a low profile
  3. Try not to walk alone in the night
  4. Constantly carry a charged phone
  5. Avoid walking around with a lot of cash, and also avoid showing off
  6. Always keep people, particularly friends and closed ones aware of your whereabouts
  7. Reject offerings from total strangers whether cash, lifts, or food


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It is important to realize that the cost of living in Brazil, and especially in the northeast part of the country is significantly lower than that of many countries in Europe, the United States or Canada. Also the cost of living in the Brazilian Northeast is much lower than in cities in the south of Brazil like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo.

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