How to Apply for Colombian Visa | Study, Live and Work in Colombia

How to Apply for Colombian Visa | Study, Live and Work in Colombia

Colombia (officially the Republic of Colombia) is a country situated in the northwest of South America. It is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world with a great cultural heritage. Previously we published some detailed guide on How to Apply for China Visa and it did received quite some recommendations. In this well detailed article we will provide you with all the information and details you need in order to apply for a Colombian visa, study, live and work there.

How to apply for Colombia study visa

In order to apply for a Colombian visa, you need to know all the visa requirements.
Nigerians require visas to enter and reside in most countries in the world and Colombia is not an exception.
Basically, there are three main types of Colombian visas —
Migrant visa
Visitor visa
Resident visa

You will have to apply for Colombia student visa if you wish to study in Colombia, and the type of visa you’re going to apply for depends on your academic interests.
a) For an undergraduate programme that will last longer than two years, you will have to apply for the Migrant visa which is valid for three years.
b) For a postgraduate programme you will have to apply for a Visitor visa which is valid for two years.

To apply for a Colombia student visa you need to download the visa application form, fill it and submit it. You can also apply in person at the Columbian embassy.
The visa is processed in 10 days and is valid for the duration of the programme in Columbia.


1. Three passport photographs
2. Two copies of visa application form
3. A photocopy of the information page (first page) of your international passport
4. Admission/Acceptance letter from the school you applied to study in
5. A document from the Ministry of National Education in Colombia
6. A document from the police showing your past criminal records, if any
7. A receipt of fees payment
8. A letter from your sponsor, the person responsible for your financial expenses, with a bank statement of account stating a balance at least 10 times the approved minimum wage in Columbia

Steps on how to apply for Colombia student visa

There are two easy methods to follow if you want to apply for a Colombia visa

Method One
1. Apply to a school
If you want to apply for a student visa, applying to an educational institution is the most important thing that you have to do. It must be the first step that you should take. After your application to the institution of your choice, you will be sent an acceptance letter by the institution in Colombia.

2. Get the visa application form
Proceed to the visa application website and fill the visa application form. After filling the form you will be required to scan, upload and submit all the necessary documents.

3. Payment of visa fee
After the submission of the application form, you will be asked to pay an initial application fee of $16.

4. Feedback from the consul
After submitting your visa application and paying the initial visa application fee, you will receive a feedback which could either be “approved, required, rejected or inadmissible”.
Approved means that you met all requirements to be approved for a visa.
Required means that more documents are needed from you by the consul.
Rejected means that your visa application has been rejected, particularly because you didn’t meet all the necessary requirements.

5. Payment of visa fee (for the second time)
If your visa application is approved, you would have to pay the remaining visa fee of $51 before heading to the Colombian embassy to get your passport stamped. This brings your total payment for a visa to $67.

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How to Apply for Colombian Visa | Study, Live and Work in Colombia

Second Method

After filling the visa application form you can print it out and continue the application process in person through the following steps;

1. Book an appointment
You can contact the Colombian embassy in Nigeria and book a date for your visa application.
Go for the appointment on the scheduled date, submit all the required documents and pay the first visa application fee of $16.

2. Collect your visa
You will return to the Colombian embassy after your visa application has been processed to collect your visa and pay the remaining visa application fee if your application was approved.

Reasons to study in Colombia

The following are the reasons why I think studying in Colombia is a good decision;
1. High educational standards
2. Tuition fee is affordable for both citizens and foreigners
3. Security in most cities in the country is highly adequate and improved
4. Low cost of living and easy, affordable accommodation for students
5. Public transportation is highly efficient and affordable
6. Racial diversification, and because of that there are many African and Nigerian communities in Colombia to put you through and render assistance to you when you’re in need.

How to Apply for Colombian Visa | Study, Live and Work in Colombia

Do you intend to live and work in Colombia?

Have you been wondering if it is possible to live and work in Colombia? If that is your question, then the answer is YES! It is very possible for a Nigerian to live and work in Colombia, the fourth largest economy in South America.
What you need to do is to apply for a Colombia work visa. It is a type of visa that is intended for foreigners who wish to live full-time and work in Colombia.


In order to obtain this visa you need to provide a professional evidence that shows that you are qualified and capable for a job, along with other valid documents. This visa is valid for five years after which you can then apply for Resident visa.
Working in Colombia also requires a knowledge of the Spanish language which is the official language used in Colombia and many other South American countries.

Some benefits of working in Colombia

1. Workers are entitled to 14 days paid vacation
2. Workers are entitled for 12 weeks of maternity leave and about 8 days of paternity leave
3. Workers fired without reasonable cause is paid 1 month’s full salary for every year they worked in the organization
4. Additional paychecks each year for most workers, and many more benefits

Colombia, sometimes referred to as the “happiest country in the world”, is a beautiful place full of entertainment and great cultural offerings. I implore you to make use of the information provided in this article and carry with you a sufficient knowledge of Spanish language when heading to Colombia.