Building Construction Exam Questions for Second Semester 2018 / 2019 Session

Building Construction Exam Questions for Second Semester 2018 / 2019 Session

  • Code:                        EST 104
  • Course:                Building Construction
  • Time Allowed:     2 hrs

Instruction:                   Answer question 1 and any other 3 of your  choice

1a.     List and explain 3 functions of floor                                       (6 marks)

b.       Clearly sketch a Hallow concrete beam floor                          (10 mark)

c.       Differentiate between perforated  brick and cellular pressed brick (6 marks)

2a.     Clearly sketch a brick bonding                                                (8 marks)

b.       Identify the following features

          i.        Tooling (ii) Queen Closer (iii) Quoin (iv) Bed Joints     (8 marks)

3.       Explain the following standard trussed rafters in a well clearly sketch

i.        Fink or symmetrical (ii) King post (iii) Fan (iv) Monopiteh (v) Asymmetrical  (vi) Attic (vii) Dormer                             (14 marks)

b.       Define the term “Building material”                                        (2 marks)

4.       State and explain the three types of Asbestos you know                  (6 marks)

b.       Sketch a window walls and identify the following components

i.        Jamb of opening (ii) Head of Opening (iii) Reveal (iv) Soffit (v) Sill of Window                                                                    (10 marks)

5.       Draw the following types of staircase

          i.        Straight Flight

          ii.       Quarter Turn staircase

          iii.      Half turn staircase

          iv.      Geometrical staircase                                                     (10 marks)

6.       Sketch an opening wall and identify the following features

          i.        External face

          ii.       Solid wall  

          iii.      Robate or recess

          iv.      Inner reveal                                                                             (12 marks)

b.       Explain double roman tiles and Spanish tile with a drawing examples     

(4 marks)