Top 100+ Marketing Examination Questions for High school students(Secondary students)

Top 100+ Marketing Examination Questions for High school students(Secondary students)

Are you searching for exam study questions or practice test question on marketing?This page will guide you. In fact we have listed over 100 plus study questions on marketing.

According to investopedia, Marketing refers to activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses.

  1. Onion sellers association is an example of A. Cooperative society
  2. Market union C. Political party D. Trade association
  3. The person that provides materials to a company for the production of goods and services is called a A. Competitor Customer   C. Retailer  D. Supplier
  4. Which of the following is NOT a primary product A. Animal skin
  5. Chair C. Log of wood  D. Orange
  6. The essence of distribution is to A. Deliver goods at the right time
  7. Identify customer needs C. Obtain feedback from customers
  8. Reduce the number of intermediates
  9. Which of the following differentiates a need from a want? It is
  10. A basis requirement for life B. A desire for something
  11. Negligence for some people D. Not a basic part of life
  12. Organization offering similar goods and services that satisfy the same need are called A. Competitors Distributors  C. Factories
  13. Marketers
  14. The department responsible for monitoring of the market prices of raw materials and consumables is _____ department Accounts and finance   B. Human resources / personnel  C. Marketing
  15. Purchases /Logistics
  16. Which of the following is an advantage of road transport? A. Provides employment Facilitates movements of goods  C. Enhances trade and development  D. Provides regular stopover
  17. The concept which states that the consumer will patronize those products that offer the most quality or good features is ____ concept A. Consumer orientation B. Marketing   Product  D. Production
  18. The trade agreement between Nigeria, China, Japan and Germany is an example of _____ trade Entreport    B. Export  C. Import
  19. Lateral
  20. Goods and raw material extracted in their natural form are generally referred to as ______ products A. Finished  Manufactured
  21. Primary D. Secondary
  22. The stage of consumer buying process consist of the following EXCEPT A. Evaluations of alternatives  Information search
  23. Legal service D. Purchase decision
  24. The type of consumer products that people rarely buy are known as ___ goods A. Convenience   Industrial C. Shopping  D. Specialty
  25. Understanding of human needs is the core concept of A. Demand
  26. Marketing C. Selling D. Supply
  27. The difference between selling concept and marketing concept is that A. Marketing concept has to do with product while selling concept deals with customers Marketing is a management function while selling is the function of staff   C. Selling concept deals with ideals while marketing concept deals with products  D. Selling concept focuses on the need of the buyer.
  28. The agreement between buyers and sellers to exchange goods / services for payment is known as A. Buying Marketing  C. Market  D. Selling
  29. The act of producing goods in one country and selling them to customer oversea is A. Comparative marketing Domestic trade
  30. International trade D. Local trade
  31. The amount deducted from a regular price of a product to ensure continual patronage from customers is regarded as A. Bonus
  32. Commission C. Credit D. Discount
  33. The “P” in the marketing mix that manages the distribution of the product is A. Packaging Place   C. Price  D. Promoter
  34. The end user of a product or services in the market is regarded as a
  35. Buyer B. Consumer C. Retailer   D. Seller
  36. Which of the following is NOT a factor that determines the price of a product? A. quality of the product Customers ability to pay
  37. Competition from supplier D. Price of similar products
  38. An example of specially good is A. Electronics Noodles   C. Fruits  D. Shoes
  39. One way to express marketing concept is A. Customer is the servant Customer is the boss   C. seller is the boss  D. Seller is the servant
  40. A name, term symbol or their combination that identifies the producer of a product is A. Feature  Packager  C. Brand  D. Logo
  41. In marketing, demand means what the family A. Needs B. wants
  42. Can sell D. Can afford
  43. Industry goods like expensive machinery that are not purchased frequently are classified as A. Accessory equipment Fabricating materials  B. Installation equipment   D. Raw materials
  44. Bidding as a form of transaction is common with ____ market
  45. consumer B. Government C. Industrial D. Organizational


  1. Consumer behaviour is the study of A. Individuals Groups
  2. Organization D. All of these
  3. Which if NOT a factor in determining the price of a product?
  4. Competition B. Ability to pay C. Ability to save D. Profit maximization
  5. Functions of marketing does not include A. Buying Selling
  6. financing D. Consuming
  7. Which is NOT included under industrial goods? A. Installations
  8. Accessory Equipment C. Raw material D. Emergency goods
  9. The closest channel member to the consumer is A. Retailer
  10. Wholesaler C. Agent D. Producer
  11. Sales promotion is usually targeted towards either A. The Ultimate consumer or media B. members of the marketing channel or advertising agencies  Direct mail clients or retailer  D. The ultimate consumer or members of the marketing channel
  12. _____ are products bought by individuals and organization for further processing and organization for further processing or for use in conducting a business A. Consumer products  Services
  13. Industrial products D. Specially products
  14. Anything that can be offered to a market for attention acquisition, rise or consumption that might satisfy a want or need is called a A. Idea   Demand  C. Product  D. Service
  15. Even though buying roles in the family change constantly, the ____ has traditionally been the main purchasing agent for the family
  16. Wife B. Husband C. Teenage children  D. Grandfather
  17. Things which are essential for someone irrespective of the financial situations are known as A. Needs Wants  C. Demand  D. all of these
  18. Which of the following does NOT include the goals of market system? A. Minimize consumption   Maximize choice   C. Maximize profit   D. Maximize consumer satisfaction
  19. Those who sell goods and services of the same and similar description on the same market are called A. Competitors
  20. Customers C. Resellers D. Suppliers
  21. Bridging the gap between producers and consumers is the sole purpose of A. Distribution Hawking  C. Retailing  D. Warehousing
  22. A component of marketing mix that is put in a consumable form to satisfy the consumer is A. Product Promotion  C. Place  D. Price
  23. A person or a firm to whom a sum of money is owned is A. Banker
  24. Guarantor C. Debtor D. Creditor
  25. Direct service is also known as _____ service Compulsory
  26. Impersonal C. Personal D. Social
  27. Acquiring information about target market and competitors is called A. Marketing audit Marketing research  C. Marketing strategy
  28. Public relation
  29. The direct contact of a seller with potential sales is called
  30. Advertising B. Personal selling C. Public relations  D. Sales promoters
  31. By making of possible for wholesalers to keep surplus stock until demand improves, the warehouse performs the function of
  32. employment creation B. Price stabilization C. Production planning  D. Storage
  33. When goods conforms to the required standard and quality with respect to shape, colour, size and taste the ____ function has been performed A. Exchange Financing   C. Grading and standardization  D. Pricing
  34. Product planning pricing and promotion policies are elements of
  35. Marketing B. Advertising C. Exhibition   D. Publicity
  36. The path through which goods move from the producer to the consumer is called channel of A. Consumption Distribution
  37. Marketing D. Production
  38. The type of transport a manufacturer will use will be influenced by
  39. Type of sales B. The tax on the goods C. The customer’s age
  40. Nature of goods


  1. In marketing demand means what the family A. Needs Wants
  2. Can sell D. Can afford
  3. A merchandizer is a person who is responsible for the A. Securing of the stove Quality of the goods  C. Attractive display of products
  4. Storing of the products
  5. The exchange of goods and services in International  marketing is A. Counter trade   foreign trade   C. Entreport trade  D. Domestic trade
  6. The first marketing orientation is A. Product Concept Marketing concept   C. Selling concept  D. Production concept
  7. A company that offers storage facility to a seller is A. Marketing intermediary Insurer   C. Buyer   D. Market facilitator
  8. The banning of cigarette advertisement in a country is A. An economic influence on marketing A religious influence on marketing  C.

A political influence on marketing  D. A social influence  on marketing

  1. One way to express marketing concept is A. customer is the servant Customer is the boss   C. Seller is the boss   D. Seller is the servant
  2. A function of market union in the local market is to A. Offer bank loans to members Establish common market price  C. Defend members in law court  D. Insure products of all members
  3. Which of the following stage is NOT in the buyers decision making process? A. Need recognition   Brand identification  C. Information search   D. Purchase decision
  4. A commercial building for the storage of good is A. Cash and Carry  store  Mobile store  C. Merchanize  D. Clearing house
  5. Which of the following goods can be stored in a state warehouse?
  6. Commodities owned by the state indigenes B. Grains and liquid substances  C. Goods struggled into the country  D. Vehicles whose custom duties have been paid
  7. Activities aimed at stimulating the purchases of a product or service at the point of state is called A. Advertising Exchange
  8. Merchandizing D. Strategy
  9. The “P” in the marketing mix that manages the distribution of the product is A. Packaging  Place  C. Price  D. Promotion
  10. A manufacturer who distributes his products through a large number of retailers is involved in ______ distribution A. Exclusive Intensive  C. Selective  D. Market
  11. Which of the following is an advantage of road transport?
  12. Expensive for carrying bulky goods B. Indiscriminate charges on goods C. No time schedule  D. Not suitable for fragile goods
  13. The fastest and most economical channel for the distribution of a perishable product is
  14. Producer consumer
  15. Producer Retailer            Consumer
  16. Producer Retailer           Consumer
  17. Producer Wholesaler            Agent           Consumer
  18. Distributing channels perform the following functions EXCEPT
  19. Financing production B. Price stabilization C. Promoting sales
  20. Taking management decision
  21. Goods and raw materials extracted in their natural form are generally referred to as ____ products Finished  B. Manufactured
  22. Primary D. Secondary
  23. Binding as a form of transaction is common with ____ market
  24. Consumer B. Government C. Industrial   D. Organizational
  25. A person who is skilled at helping farmer traders etc in achieving their set objective is called a/an A. Entrepreneur Facilitator  C. Leader  D. Marketer
  26. Assigning tasks and allocating resources to members of staff to enable them achieve the goals of the marketing outlet is known as
  27. Controlling B. Directing C. Organizing  D. Planning
  28. The act of producing goods in one country and selling them to customers overseas is  Comparative marketing  B. Domestic trade  C. Licensing
  29. The major mineral product that is traded at the international market by the Nigeria government is A. Columbite   Crude  oil  C. Diesel  D. kerosene
  30. The movement of goods and passenger from one country to another through waterways is called ____ transport Air   B. Marine
  31. Pipeline D. Rail
  32. activities geared towards promoting proper display and sale of goods at retail price are known as _______ A. Advertising  Distributing   C. Merchandizing  D. Packaging
  33. The channel through which information about products gets to the target audience is regarded as _____ media  Advertising  B. Audio  C. Audio visual  D. Broadcast


  1. Financial and non-financial rewards given to customers in appreciation of regular patronage of a firm’s product are known as
  2. Advertising B. Branding C. Discount  D. Incentives
  3. In the consumer decision process, the stage at which a consumer buys the product is known as A. Compensatory model Evaluation of alternative  C. Information search  D. Purchase decision
  4. The monetary value of a production service is called A. Cash
  5. Commission C. finance D. Price
  6. A group of potential customers willing to engage in an exchange to satisfy their needs is referred to as A. Business   distributions
  7. Franchise D. Market
  8. Words or number which give  identity to products and services are known as A. Additional features  Brand name C. Product  D. Label
  9. Petroleum jelly is obtained from A. Coal Columbite   C. Crude  oil  D. Iron ore
  10. Marketing functions include the following EXCEPT A. Financing
  11. International trade C. Production D. Promotion
  12. Price reduction given to buyers who settle their bills promptly is known as ____ discount Cash  B. functional  C. Trade
  13. Quantity
  14. Onions sellers Association is an example  of A. Cooperative society
  15. Market Union C. Political party D. Trade association
  16. A set of activities organized to inform, attract and induce customers to buy a product in preference to other is known as A. Advertising
  17. Marketing C. promotion D. Publicity
  18. Mrs Asake Ornotosho plans to establish a cosmetics shop but has no capital what type of credit facility will you advice her to take and pay back in  5 years? A. Bank overdraft  longterm loan  C. Mortgage loan   D. Short term loan
  19. Which of the following is NOT function of labeling? It A. Describes the product identifies the product  C. Increases competition
  20. Increase sales
  21. Preparation of payment vouchers, staff wages and salaries is an organization and function of ___ department A. Finance Logistics  C. Personal   D. Production
  22. The type of transport a manufactuer will use will be influenced by A. Type of sales The  taxon the goods   C. The customer’s age  D. Nature of goods