Android Phone Speakers Not Working? Here are 5 Fixes to Try

Android Phone Speakers Not Working? Here are 5 Fixes to Try

Is Android Phone Speakers Not Working?Have you ever wondered why suddenly your android phone speakers have stopped working or have you ever been disgruntled by the fact that you have spent so much amount on a phone only, for its speakers to stop working? Well, here are a few fixes for your android  phone speakers which you can try in order to ensure that all your settings and functions are working properly in order to make sure that the speakers are working to their full potential. 




Often times when we are on a call it is possible that we stop hearing someone on the other end. If this happens then it is possible that the speaker may have turned off. Go to the settings area and turn on the speaker icon in the quick settings of your phone. This will allow the overall speakers to be activated. 



A simple option to think about why the speakers may not be functioning may be due to the fact that the in-call volume has been accidentally turned completely down. Make sure that the volume is on a high settings, which can be managed by the up and down buttons provided on often the top right side of the phone. This will increase the in call volume and allow voice to come through the speakers. Similarly, if you leave your headphones connected with your phone; a lot of android phones tend to disable external speakers if the headphones are connected. Even if your headphones are not correctly inserted into the headphone jack, the external speakers might also become disabled so make sure that the headphones are correctly disabled. 

 Android Phone Speakers
Android Phone Speakers Not Working? Here are 5 Fixes to Try



Some Apps allow you to adjust sound settings if they include any media which may be displayed within that app. It is always best to enable or re-enable sound settings once the app has been closed or once the sound associated with the applications is no longer required. Often times we turn off the sound of videos and music in apps such as Facebook or Instagram, hence when we are about to leave the apps it is a good idea to revert back the sound settings so that they do not coincide or clash with that of other speaker settings. 



If the above hacks don’t seem to be solving your problem then this might be a case for going to the good old settings. Go to settings in your phone, then Tap the sounds and vibration, go to volume and then slide the Media to the extreme right to fully increase the volume settings. At the same time, make sure that the “Do not disturb” option isn’t enabled so that you are not muting all your calls, notifications, alerts and media sounds. If all these settings are still not fixing the issue it is probably a best idea to reboot or restart your android device. Rebooting often clears any build up glitches within the software which may have caused the phone to disable the external speakers. Moreover, “restoring default” settings will also ensure that you are reverting back to the old settings which will help to go back to the settings your speakers operated at in the beginning and if something has altered then it may be possible that your speakers will begin to work again. In extreme cases, it is also possible that you may need to restore your phone to “factory settings” if none of the changing settings works. Restoring factory settings can help to resolve any issue that may be related to the software of your phone which may be keeping your speakers from working.  



It is quite possible that overtime, especially if you keep your phone carried in your pockets or clothing; that it will collect fuzzies and any sort of dust within its tiny crevices and eventually jam your speakers. If you are planning to clean your speaker, make sure that your phone is turned off completely and that you have taken the liberty of removing your battery. If you aren’t familiar or have never cleaned your speaker, make sure to contact a professional. Phone maintenance professionals are available almost everywhere and this is quite a simple process which can be easily learnt. If you are doing this yourself you might be able to use compress air to blow out the fluff which may have deposited within the speakers of your phone. In addition, dust may also clog your headphone jack which may trick your phone into thinking that it has headphones plugged in, leading to disabling of external speakers. Hence, the head phone jack could also be cleaned in order to make sure that the speakers are not being disabled due to the dust settling in it. 

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