Navigating A Maze Of Distractions: How A Work From Home Entrepreneur Can Stay Productive

Navigating A Maze Of Distractions: How A Work From Home Entrepreneur Can Stay Productive

Numerous professionals yearn for the day their company allows them to work from home indefinitely for various reasons. The largest reason is the lack of having a boss looking over your shoulder gives an employee a sense of freedom. The other is that the person eliminates their commute and can work from nearly anywhere that has a reliable internet connection. For the work from home entrepreneur staying productive can be the toughest challenge as personal productivity directly impacts monthly income levels. Failure to produce can also lead to lost clients and client retention for a small business is a huge portion of staying successful. Below are the maze of distractions one might encounter as well as tips to help reduce these distractions to stay as productive as possible daily.

Disable Social Media

Banning yourself from social media during the workday can open up hours of time. It is not uncommon for a person to check social media when they are at a stopping point with their task/project. This small break can turn into a person staying on social media for 20 to 30 minutes a few times per day. The rabbit hole that social media takes most people down is hard to resist so disabling it totally is the only answer for most people. There are apps that can help with this as it can be difficult to stay of social media as it is the first thing most people click on when opening their phone out of habit.

Navigating A Maze Of Distractions: How A Work From Home Entrepreneur Can Stay Productive
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Exercise Your Dog/Keep Their Energy Levels In Check

While children are a distraction a dog needing attention can be worse especially if they are high energy. Taking the dog out for long walks can be a great way to get a break in for the day as well as tire them out so they leave you alone. A dog that has been exercised that is still scratching at the door could have some kind of separation anxiety or anxiety issues in general. CBD could be the answer to these issues and many more as it is quite versatile in addressing concerns that common dogs have. For more information visit as CBD could be the difference between having a dog that is constantly going crazy and a calm dog that is easy to manage.

Do Not Stay Up Late…..Just Because You Can

The allure of staying up late due to the fact that you can sleep in does not mean that you should. Start the workday early with a full night’s rest just like you would if you were going into an office. Being able to get started early allows a person to get more done during the day and even gives them the ability to get off a bit early. Anyone with children understands that getting work done before the kids come home from school is essential. The excess noise as well as desire to see how your kid’s days were can keep you from working for the rest of the day. Getting adequate sleep also allows an entrepreneur to be more productive in the morning as lack of sleep could take an individual a few hours to really start working. Others might take a few cups of coffee but regardless it is better to wake up alert and ready to work.

Keep Meetings/Calls For A Specific Day Of The Week

There are people that have a meeting 20 to 30 minutes a day that just do not do anything productive as the meeting approaches. This is due to the fact that some people do not want to be interrupted when they are doing something like writing an article or coding a webpage. Making an effort to schedule calls and meetings for a specific day of the week can help eliminate this. For certain clients it might not be possible but try to group as many into one day as possible so the rest of the week can be for production rather than client management.

Check Your Email ONCE AN HOUR

Checking email can lead to someone losing their train of thought or going off task due to something that they have received. Set an alarm on your phone to hourly check your email as pressing issues will be dealt with using a call or DM. Checking your email is not going to make a business partner reply in a more prompt manner so leave it alone. For those people managing multiple email accounts per day you should minimize all of them until it is time to check them. Don’t let a random email from a less than stellar client impact your quality of work for your valued clients.

Stay productive on a daily basis in order to maximize your monthly income. The fact that you work for yourself from home does not mean that you do not have to deal with other challenges along the way!

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