How to Get Customized Plate Number in Nigeria: Vehicle plate number verification, costs and approved sites for new number plate

How to get customized plate number in Nigeria: Vehicle plate number verification, costs and approved sites for new number plate


To avoid any problems you may have with VIO, it is best to verify the vehicle license plate number as soon as possible. Look where and how to see it here!

FRSC board number verification steps

Similar to driver’s license verification, you must find the official FRSC license plate verification site to verify the government vehicle registration database.

This post solves issues that has to do with the listed search queries below;

If the information disclosed is correct with yours, you can be sure of having a restful sleep. Otherwise, you should check your vehicle registration immediately to avoid further problems with FRSC vehicle inspection officers. You may have problems with the police if they find yours is the badge without verification.

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In case you don’t know, the records show that more than two fifths of vehicles traveling on Nigeria’s roads carry false license plate numbers with or without driver knowledge. This fact suggests an urgent need to confirm the authenticity of the license plate number.

FRSC website screenshot
The web design of the FRSC verification application

Understanding that, below are simple steps to verify the license plate number in Nigeria collected by 247amend.

  • Go to the federal road safety verification website of the license plate number at:
  • Write your license plate number in the box (for example: ABC125AP). Remember to keep this format without space when entering your number. ABC125 AP will not be accepted.
  • Click on the “Verify” button.

Registered information of that number will be revealed below the button. You can only see the name of the vehicle and the registration date because the FRSC does not want to filter more details about these identifiers.

If the information does not match your car or motorcycle, you must quickly verify your vehicle by taking an essential identity document to an approved number registration site. FRSC plate number verification is an equally important task to obey other traffic rules and regulations.

2 policemen is checking a man's vehicle

Cost of new plate number in Nigeria 2019

How much is plate number in Nigeria? Here is the updated list of services related to plate number registration.

  Number plates service cost
Service/ ProductCost
Standard Number PlateN12,500
Out of ServiceN40,000
Articulated Number PlateN20,000
Number Plate RenewalN10,000
Number Plate Replacement (Standard)N10,000
Fancy Number Plate (Motor Cycle)N30,000
Motor Dealer Plate (Special)N30,000
Fancy Number Plate (Standard)N80,000
Motorcycle Plate (Ordinary)N3,000
Motor Dealers Plate (Ordinary)N25,000
  Vehicle weighing and registration fee
Type of transportCost
Motor CycleN1,250
Motor VehicleN5,000
Change of ownership fee
Type of transportCost
Motor CycleN625
Motor VehicleN2,500

2 men arrested with fake number plates

Register at FRSC approved sites to avoid fraud and fake plate numbers!

Approved sites for new plate number registration

Following is the comprehensive list of approved sites to register vehicle identification number throughout the country, published by Federal Road Safety Corps:

 FRSC approved sites for new plate number registration
AbiaBIR Zonal Office, 5 Bende Road, Umuahia
AdamawaBIR Office, Yola North
Akwa IbomBIR Office State Secretariat, Uyo
AnambraMotor Licensing Office, Npaje Awka
BauchiBIR Office, Jos Road, Bauchi
BayelsaMLA Yenagoa: Obele street, Ovom, Yenagoa
MLA Kpansia: Inec Junction, Kpansia, Yenagoa
MLA Brass: BIR Secretariat complex, Road Safety Road, Yenagoa
MLA Ogbia: Emeyal II, Ogbia LGA
MLA Sagbama: Hospital Road, Yenagoa
BenueBIR Office, G.R.A. Kashim Ibrahim Road, Makurdi
BornoBIR Office, Opp. Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri
Cross RiverBIR Office, 43 Akim Road Calabar
BIR Office, Ikot Omin Calabar
BIR Office, Inyang Street Calabar
DeltaBIR Office, 27, Ezenei Avenue, Off Nnebisi Road Asaba
EbonyiBIR Office, Ministry of Finance, Abakaliki
Ezza South LGA Motor Licensing Office, Onueke
Ebonyi LGA Motor Licensing Office, Ugbodo
Afikpo North LGA Motor Licensing Office, Afikpo
EdoEIRS Office, New Lagos Road
EIRS Office, Forestry Road (LTO I & LTO II)
EIRS Office, TV Road
EIRS Office, Uselu
EIRS Office, Ikpoba Hill (Ramat Park)
EIRS Office, Obe
EIRS Office, Okada
EIRS Office, Ekpoma
EIRS Office, Auchi
EkitiBIR Office, Oke-Oriomi, Ado Ekiti
BIR Office, Beside First Bank Erekeson Market, Efon-Alaaye
BIR Office, Old secretariat complex, Emure-Ekiti
BIR Office, Oja-oba premises, Ido-Ekiti
Bir Office, Opp Oba palace, Ise-Ekiti
BIR Office, Oke-Osun, Ikere Ekiti
EnuguBIR Office, Okpara Avenue, Opp. PHCN Office Enugu
FCTVIO Office, Mabushi Abuja
GombeBIR Office, Gombe
ImoBIR Office, Okigwe Road, Owerri
JigawaBIR Office, Old Secretariat, Sani Abacha way, Dutse
KadunaBIR Office, Opp. High court Bida RS Kaduna
KanoBIR Office, No.2 Bank Road, Kano
KatsinaBIR Office, G.R.A. Katsina
KebbiBIR Office, Opp. Diamond Bank, Birnin Kebbi
KogiBIR Office, No.1 Beach Road Lokoja
KwaraIRS Office, Ahmadu Bello Way, Ilorin
LagosMotor Vehicle Adminstration Agency, Ojodu
NassarawaBIR Office, Kasuwar Tomato, Lafia
BIR Office, Testing Ground Lafia
NigerVIO Office, along Paiko Road Minna
OgunIRS Oke-Mosan, Opp Federal High Court Abeokuta
OndoBIR Office, Alagbaka, Akure
OsunBIR Office, Ministry of Finance, State Secretariat Abere
OyoBIR Office, Onireke Road, Egbe Ibadan
PlateauBIR Office, No.7 Beach Road, Jos North
RiversBIR Office, No. 22 William Jumbo Street, Port-harcourt
Obio Licensing Office, Old Aba Road, Portharcourt
Emenike Licensing Office. Emenike Junction, Diobu, Mile 1, Portharcourt
SokotoBIR Office, behind City Campus, Usman Danfodio University
TarabaBIR Office, Hamman Ruwa Road, Jalingo
YobeBIR Office, Gujiba Road, Damaturu
ZamfaraBIR Office, Tudun Wada, Gusau


Data you may not know about the FRSC verification of the plate number

The vehicle registration plate, also known as registration or registration, is a type of identification for motor vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks or trailers.

In the government’s public records database, these identifiers will be attached to other vehicle information, such as brand, model, year of production, engine size, mileage and some other data for vehicles to be inspected. annually as to its state of circulation.

Most governments have applied the FE-Schrift typeface in the design of license plates to combat counterfeiting. This typeface features monospaced letters and numbers that are slightly disproportionate to reduce false documents and improve machine readability.

The arrangement of letters and numbers varies in different countries, but all must make a clear distinction of the use of letters or numbers in a certain order. Random mixing will cause confusion when similar symbols such as O and 0 are used. That’s why you often see the international license number as HAF277HO (with letters and numbers grouped at the beginning and end) instead of HA0F27H5 (mixed letters and numbers ).

number plates in different fonts


As you can see above, verifying Nigeria’s license plate number online is not difficult. Simply follow 3 simple steps and then you can get confirmation of the FRSC board number. The way to check the license plate number of the motorcycle online is exactly similar to that of cars or other motor vehicles.

In addition, thanks to the advancement of computerization, the registration process for a new board cannot be more convenient. Visit the official FRSC website and you can check several options there.

Finally, we hope this article on how to verify enrollment in Nigeria will be useful. Verification of the vehicle license plate number can be considered a mandatory responsibility or a right of each driver to guarantee the authenticity of their vehicle. Save a few minutes and never have to worry again!