Students’ Guide for Examinations Success’ Common Terms to Note

Students’ Guide for Examinations Success’ Common Terms to Note

This page , ‘Students’ Guide for Examinations Success’ consist of a comprehensively packed guide which shows researches into the reasons students continue to fail in their examination irrespective of how brilliant they are. Some students always have the tendency of keeping track of their personality, self-dependence or pride that they cannot go through this ugly scenario called ‘failure’. After reading this article you will discover that most of the things you always take for granted really count towards your academic excellence.

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Sometimes, wrong definition of success leads students to failure, even when they try all they can to succeed. They still find themselves in the category of failure or low grade simply because they failed to pay attention to simple rules and procedures.

Without further ado, here are some Students’ Guide for Examinations Success’ Common Terms to Note

Student: Someone who studies at a School, College, or University or someone who has studied or takes much interest in a particular subject, field or course of study (Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, 2000).

Examination: A test designed to assess somebody’s ability or knowledge in a particular subject or field.  A written, spoken or practical test at school or college done in order to get a certification (OALD, 6th Ed.2000)

Failure: A lack of success in or at something. Somebody or something that is unsuccessful. A breakdown or decline in the performance of something, or an occasion when something stops working indefinitely or stops working adequately (Collins, 2014).

School: A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces/environments for the teaching of students and pupils under the direction of teachers. (OALD, 6th Ed.2000)

Classroom: A classroom is a learning space, a room in which both children and adults learn about things. Classrooms are found in educational institutions of all kinds, from preschools to universities, and may also be found in other places where education or training is provided, such as corporations, religious and humanitarian organizations. The classroom attempts to provide a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions (OALD, 6th Ed.2000)

Education: Education in general term, is the process of transmitting societal lores, values and desirables and attitude from one generation to another. Education seeks to socialize individuals so as to equip them with the desired mode of behaviour that is in conformity with the way of life of the society in which they live. Education is the teaching, training (physically and mentally) and learning in schools and colleges for the development of knowledge and skills so as to prepare individuals to live happily with themselves and others in the society (OALD, Special Ed.2001).

Examination Success: This is a universally accepted test for knowledge. It is one of the important exercises a student must perform in school. Without success in examinations, progress cannot be achieved in learning and so, no good certificate would be given. Therefore, examination is a test for knowledge and success (Usen, 2007).

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