Ways to Avoid Weight Gain on Holiday without Going to Gym

Ways to Avoid Weight Gain on Holiday without Going to Gym

Written By: Sneha Agrawal
Whenever you head towards holiday season, all you imagine in
the mind is celebration, fun, crazy things to do list, gift-giving, lavish
meals and family time. Very less often people consider health in that list.
Holiday is the perfect bait to workout people to gain weight again and again
opting out for tedious duty to lose it. This cycle does not seem to end unless
you religiously make plans to keep yourself off weight gaining in your next

Survey states that people gain weight of on average of 2-3
kg in a year and with no surprise, the culprit is being holiday seasons for
most of their weight gain. Well, we are not putting a break to your all holiday
fun and entertainment activities here. But this session is more about ways that
you can opt in vacation time that will keep an eye on weight gain!!


The most difficult task during holiday meals is to keep you
off from those spreads, cookies, and dips for longer time. It seems they are
calling you to grab it again and again. To divert the attention, socializing is
best option. You can volunteer to be the party photographer or show your
friends pictures about your new car, bike, or anything new in your life. It
will not only add up to the fun, but also curb caloric intake.

Concept of small Plates

This concept of using smaller plates on the buffets makes
much more sense. You can fool your brain also by this way. Hunger is not only
in stomach, but it also takes it route in our mind. When you complete a small
plate full of foods, your mind automatically thinks that you have eaten a full
plate. Here size of the plate does not matter; the hunger satisfaction remains
the same. The only difference it will make it of consuming less food and thus
less calories.

Hit hay in time

Your sleeping pattern also matters your weight gain. If you
do not get adequate sleep or if sleeping cycle alters completely, it will
affects your biological cycle in a bad way. The result is altered body
functions and this way our body stores more fat beneath the skin. How random is
your schedule gets on holiday, at least be punctual in maintaining regular
sleeping pattern as much as possible.

Don’t act crazy

Holiday and diet restrictions are not an ideal way to enjoy
your fun time. But instead of completely cutting from it, you can curb the
quantity each time. Alternatively you can eat your favorite things like pumpkin
pie, chocolate cake etc. But then plan in advance to compensate for that extra
caloric consumption. You can go for protein rich breakfast or nutritious snacks
before opting out for delicious holiday dinner. Even if you end up in extra
calorie intake, then don’t beat yourself. Give yourself a break once in a